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Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. Hiya,
    Just been to vote on favourite type of betting but not happy about ‘feeding’ personal info to a third party of whom I know nothing.
    Favourite betting has to be the winning sort 🙂 but I find that the ones I seem to take the most profit from are patent or L15 bets in races where I can choose 6pt or 7 pt horses that have a reasonable chance of winning but back the bet up by placing it each way which means I often win back most of my stake. Patience is the key, no saved figures but estimate around 2/3% total wins and 25/30% most of stake recovery. The most I have won on a successful L15 was at around 220/1 and patent 55/1.

    1. Thanks for your comment Graham. We use Opinion Stage for the polls, but I can assure nobody else has access the account except for myself. Thank you for the information in your comment 🙂

  2. Michael some years ago ihad two dogs both frequent winners in obedience tournaments. You have to talk a lot to the to achieve that. Now for anumber of years we have been breeding pedigree cats. We have quite a lot so we never stop talking to them What you find talking to them is that you don’t get frustrated with their answers.This means that if you discuss your problems with them you will find that you investigate alternative solutions. in my case they purr in your case the tail will wag .I often think I am potty but you you don’t get frustrating answers that we sometimes get from humans Carry on chatting

  3. My fave bets at the moment are each-way doubles… If the selections are between 7/4 and 5/1 then the strike rate is reassuringly high and I get a fair return when they only place. Interesting poll results… Good luck!

  4. Actually I love em all -except laying. However since i have been accumulating data – courtesy/generosity of all the free bets guys your splendid site encourages -I have discovered that if you use their selections just to place on the tote as long as the odds are above evens+ – they start to become profitable. However I have not been clocking them long but as the interval between good winners (i.e. 3/1+) gets longer they tend to get more adventurous to cover their losses and some nice priced horses get placed. OK you only pocket 1/5 (on average) admittedly but in the meantime you are “saving” the win element on every bet and the losing runs are MUCH shorter anyway.
    I am sure proper punters can afford to cover their backs by using combinations of systems/tipsters but when
    you’re yer average mug like me I dont mind putting a few pounds on the tote if I get even a small return.
    I suppose you could call this just another system – so have it on me for free – though it is very early days and i expect if it were proofed over a year or so betting to win would prevail.

  5. Personally it’s Back or Place for me used to enjoy L15 on a weekend but i cut that out as for me it is usual that iI have 4 good bets in one day so end up throwing a what if maybe at it, which i don’t like doing, May actually try teaming up with a like minded person if I was to go back to L15. E/W is rare now for me, seems to have lost something with all the other alternatives available e.g Dutch. Long Game Short Game, I rather see steady profit than full on all guns blazing then a big oops what have i done moment. 2.5K max i have won on L15 with one NR which would have been nice but sods law it got pulled out late in the day running onto it which was one of the favoured selections.

  6. Hi Michael
    I never back short priced favourites particularly in big field races (just look at the 3 days of Cheltenham and not all big fields, 1 Favourite on Friday and two each on Saturday & Sunday). If I can get 5/1+ on second Fav I’ll back that and generally I make money that way. Quite often do RFCs including 1st & 2nd Favs with a fancied outsider again it can produce profits.

    1. I agree John, backing short priced in big fields filled with some of the best runners just doesn’t make sense. I use to do a lot of RFC’s now but no longer do them often. Maybe it’s time to start looking at them again.

  7. Hi David,

    My main bets revolve around the big meetings like we just had at Cheltenham. I like the big H/caps which allow
    me to Dutch up to 4 horses at very large prices. I often also do Exacta’s and Trifecta’s which revolve around my
    selections. I don’t go crazy on the stakes for these types of bets, but you can obtain some very healthy returns.
    Yesterdays Greatwood Hurdle race as an example paid 58.80 for the Exacta, and 317.40 for the Trifecta.

    Having lived in Hong Kong for many years they love the Exacta’s, Trifecta’s Triple Trios etc. That’s what got me
    interested in this side of betting.

    Good luck,



    1. Thanks Daniel, the names Michael but I’ll usually answer to anything 😉

      They do love the exotics over there, spent a bit of time in HK myself. Do you often go down to the track?

  8. I like my doubles.
    5 horses a b c d e
    A b c = three main picks = 3×1 point doubles
    B d e = 3 X 1/2 point doubles
    C d e = 3 X 1/2 point doubles
    Researched study on form horses priced around 2/1 to 4/1 can pay dividends. Total outlay 6 points.
    Stops me from raising stakes after losers.
    1 double often recovers stake.
    Liability is relatively low.
    Good days can deliver some handsome returns.
    Regards dave.

  9. dutch handicaps 12 runner plus excluding the FAV and concentrating on the first five in the betting.

  10. Hi Michael,
    My favourite bets were Bonus Bagging, wich is where I started my betting. Having been a jinx all my life on any selection I backed it was great to actually win for a change. Having made over £2K that way I started fllowing a range of free tips, and as I was only using the bookies money that I had won, I could detach myself from the results. But I found that free tips rarely make a profit over time. Then I started proof testing a few tipsters for a couple of web sites and that opened up the world of paid for tips to me. Using fairly small stakes I have made over £2.5K following one lay bet tipster, I liked the fact that most days he had winning days, and was happy to see my betting bank just grow steadily, but slowly. Then I was lucky enough to proof test a couple of excellent tipsters that I now follow. One revels in doubles and trebles etc, and can make a bet on 3 or 4 short priced favourites return a very handsome profit. The other is a straight win bet tipster who seems to have the knack of finding winners at great prices. The big winners are great and certainly at the time will be my favourite but I still enjoy the steady profit from my lay bets that more than cover my losing days on the win bets.

  11. Hi Michael,
    I found with the limited time I have, picking winners is for the pro’s, so my strategy is to try and find a horse that is over 4/1 that I think will place, I do have help from speed ratings that I use to narrow down the field but my objective is to find 4 horses to place and put them into a 50p E/W lucky fifteen, I have been doing this since May not everyday but when something catches my eye or I have a bit more time to look at the following days racing, so far I am over 3k up. I do keep a spreadsheet to look back over and it is annoying when you get a big price winner on it’s own but my mindset is to try and get my money back and not to bet for the sake of it.

  12. Hi Michael,Laying is my favourite way of making money.I love systems and stats,and that has helped me a lot.I don’t mind backing and Win place,but only when i think the odds are greatly in my favour.As for dogs,we had 2 for almost 17 years.Great friends,and still miss them all these years later.Good luck on and off the horses Derek.

  13. Hi Michael
    When not backing singles to win
    II like the up & down bet two horses 2 singles and 2 reverse doubles i.e. A-B B-A
    £1 UP & DOWN cost you £2 so small outlay for what could be good returns

    you can keep your out lay small on a Round Robin too I like this one because if you want your individual stake
    to be more than 20p and not go beyond £5 as you do with others then this is as good as any I guess looking
    for runners between 7/2 and 6/1 is as good a way to go as any


  14. I’m a longshot man myself or high odds player.
    My strike rate is quite good and I always hope to cover with the Place investment. (Exchanges).

    Love the site and great knowledge.

    1. Thanks Gavin. Pleased to see that there is a longshot player here, some of the best profits can be made from those if you’re able to cope with the losing runs. However reducing them by using the place market is a smart move 🙂

  15. Michael, keep on talking to your dog. My bet type is Win, Place, Exacta and Trifecta. The best is of course Win. I hardly bet on favorites. When I do play ex. and tri. I always box 3 or 4 selections for 18 and 10% respectively.

    1. Thanks Kamal, we were having a conversation only last night 🙂 Thank you for the comment, I’m pleased to hear that you hardly bet on favourites, that’s always a sign of someone who knows what they’re doing!

  16. Hi Michael ,

    very interesting articles above ,at the moment i just mailnly do win or e/w ,but i do need to try more dutching and just placed ,generally if i have 3-4 selections i will place a lusky 15 or patent ,good read though sets my mind thinking bob

    1. Thank you Bob. Dutching (which spellcheck always wants to change to ditching) is one of my favourite bets as there are very few races where I can narrow down the field to just one or two runners with a strong chance.

  17. hi mike am into quinellas ,trifectas and first 4s. i am always looking for ratings but yours in racing dossier are only for uk and not for us in nz. thats a pity as i would hav liked to have seen them .hav a good day smiley

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