Using Official Rating To Estimate Class

Unfortunately changes made to the Sporting Life website in August 2012 means that the copy and paste no longer works and you need to enter the ratings by hand.

To see the written version of the above video then please follow this link.


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Original Estimating Class With OR Spreadsheet

Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. Is there any chance that you can send me an email with the directions as to how to do all the calculations and working’s please mate. It would be appreciated.
    Thanks mate.

    1. Hi Martyn, what I will do is write an article next week explaining the steps I took in the video so you can follow the video with the written guide as well.

  2. june 14 2010
    hi i am esnding this mail so that you have my e-mail i enjoy watching and listening
    to your ideas i have also seen your vid on youtube puntology do you have anymore and do you have any softwere i can download now i have lots of ideas i

  3. Hi is it possable to comunicate via e-mail as i have questions,quiryies and ideas witch are not just comments,by the way having looked at your video you might be able to do another video showing a short cut or just a slightly diffrent way of doing it that is instead of adding up your colums (OR,TS,and RPR)arriving at a figur and then deviding it by number of runners to get your average for todays (OR)AND THE OTHER RATINGS i found just doing the average sum an running down the column gave me the same figur as adding then subtracting number of runners i all so tryed a diffrent idea once having got average for the race i went across columns adding the 3 figurs up (OR.TS.RPR) and from that subtracted the averade rating then see what each horse had left the ones with the most are taken to be the ones well in now i think i did this with puntology check it out further i think both systums could do with some tie brakers when you have two horses on the same mark and another only one point behind that will be for next time

  4. Hi Glen, yup you can contact me via email using the contact link at the top of the page. You are right you can type =average() into your spreadsheet and get the same result, I just wanted to make sure that it was as clear as possible. I shall look into that idea further for you as well.

  5. Hi advisor yes i understand you have to make sure every one underatands i was iust relaying i found another way, now to picking your brain as i am new to excel i would appreciate some help from yourself and memders if i may right now i would like to know how to use that dropdown dialogue box that you can type in formulas and it will atomaticly carry out those instructions say for example i set up colums A,B,C TO have C=course D-distance & CD=course & distance AND I COULD HAVE OTHERS that coraspond to the going now what you could is use Y/N to put in the sells or 0,1
    for positave and negative then what you`s aready don in the dialogue box would give each a predeturmined figure lets say you answer Yes to course winner it would put +3 in the column under( C )AND if answer is No it would put -3 in that column and it might be + or – 6 for course & distance and it be a + or – figure for the going so as you can see you could populate the boxes under the letters (A TO Z )WITH any amount of information is the horse being riden by a top 5 jocky lets say or trainer
    ant you would have a total at the end of your inputs now it could be don to give you a total anywere you want for instance you busy and havent got time to put in alot of info for 4 or 5 horses then you would use the quick version by just puting in most basic information for your 4 or 5 horses you could even give or subtract points for being in or out of the first 4 or 5 in the betting you could change these numbers to suite so as you can see i have lots of ideas and just need to know how to write things into the dialogue box for it put the figures or sum that i want
    into sells under each question.if any one would like to e-mail me instead of writeing a post let me know horsemangg ps looking at this now i could be made to work with that allweather system you`ve put together

  6. PS guys you must forgive all the little mistakes i now see here but it`s late and both my eyes and brains are going to sleep here,ontill the next time guys.

  7. by 9min 32 you had bored the pants off me.. Be organised next time even if you have given me good info.. I cut you off before the end..

  8. Dear Michael,
    I write as a teacher. The content of your video is extremely interesting but you will leave your pupils confused. Surely the purpose of the whole exercise is to pick a winner. This is the fons et origo of horserace betting. You left us all up in the air at the end. Manipulation of figures is very important; I can see that. But you must prepare better. Thinking on your feet is one thing, something that teachers often have to do. There is no excuse for such an unsatisfactory situation when all is prepared.
    Having said all that, Michael, I thought what you said very entertaining and could be used in any situation. Sorry to be negative.

  9. Michael
    Thanks for the video- I managed to sort out the ideas you put forward by creating my own spreadsheet. May I suggest this to your other viewers.

    Just one question – Why is the Class of Race calculated by finding the average of the 6 race averages rather than the average of the OR’s of the day. ?(ie colA in your video)


  10. We use the average because just using the last OR can give a biased view of the runners.

  11. Liked the video and look forward to more lessons. It would be nice if we could download video replay off line, internet not to good here for live internet videos

  12. Hi
    I’ve gone through the written steps and think I’ve understood but the video’s not here so I don’t know for sure! Any chance you could post it back again or send me another link? Or just a completed spreadsheet with the example so I can double check I’ve got it right?

  13. I can’t log into the puntology website anymore – it’s sends me to the Word Press dashboard when I log in with my details?!

    It’s getting quite frustrating now but could you send me a new link or update my subscriber settings.



  14. i can get it to open but the ratings i get on the sportinglife website seem to be in a different format to the one i see in the video

    1. They have changed the site layout sine this video was made but you can still get them by going to the race card and then click the Ratings tab to get them.

  15. i did try that but the dont go in the way they do in the video everything ends up going down just A im dure im doing something wrong

  16. when i paste the rating in the spreadsheet they come out really big and it dosent clss the race.

    1. Please makes ure you use Paste Special and Unformatted Text as shown in the video. Alternatively you can always enter them by hand, it will only take a moment

  17. if theres a race with say 6 horses 5 have ratings but 1 horse had no ratings, do you skip the race or just take out the horse with no ratings?

    1. Just take the horse out with no rating but check the odds and if it is in the top of the market then consider it as a potential winner.

    1. Hi Dave, this sounds like you may have deleted the formulas in the spreadsheet, please download it again and enter the figure by hand to make sure that you didn’t overwrite them by mistake.

  18. thaknk you for your quick response to my last question,but i have tried all ways to input data into the spreedsheet which was supplied for the racing post,when i try to input form it turns into a date,ie 111111 it turns into 11-11-1911,do i first take out the information which is on the downloaded spreedsheet or not.also i cannot put in or just gives me .or ts rpr ratings,hope you can help,hope it does not sound to confusing,

    1. Hi Dave, can you send me the spreadsheet you are using to our support email address support [at] raceadvisor co uk as well as a detailed explanation of what you are entering to get the error.

  19. Really interesting stuff. Is there a downloads link? If not could you supply the formulae for each cell product

    Thanks in anticipation

  20. hi michael
    i know its 2 years since the last post on this subject,i have been doing spread sheet as you showed,you said in video the first o.r figure is the latest rating and the last figure is the oldest,ie 68 78 66 76 89 54,68 being latest,am i correct in thinking the sporting life now do it the other way round 54 being the latest o,r,i know its not your problem but i would value your take on this,thanks.

    1. Hi being on the skysports page got to the race card but there is no OR info any where , Am i still going to be able to use you spread sheet if so where do i get the OR from ? thanks and kind regards Iam

  21. I have only just come across this I think its brilliant I was thinking of doing something like this and trawled the internet for help when I found yours. Thanks for doing this coz the formulas would of drove me mad, but i’m gonna tinker with it to see if I can incorporate everything I want to do thanks again.

  22. Hi raceadvisor team; Just to say the spreadsheet still has merit today even though the sporting life format has changed. The Racing Post – At a glance – OR drop down, gives the information that can be copied and pasted line by line. (otherwise there is extra info it will copy that is not required) Also, the weighted figures have to be reversed because their format is; last figure being most current race. I always enjoy using spreadsheets like these, doesn’t take long and can be used for laying too.

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