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About a year ago I wrote the first post outlining the top ten horse racing websites at the time. You can see that post at

I thought that it was about time to take a new look at the top ten websites online. Times change and while some of the sites are the same, there are 4 new ones which should be part of your daily investigations. Of course we don’t include the Race Advisor in the list below but hope that you   think it is one of the top sites to be regularly visiting.

This list is no particular order and all of the websites provide excellent and useful information about horse racing.

Racing Post and Sporting Life are both excellent online sites. I have included both sites as just one of our top ten because I do not want to devote this list to major sites that you are likely to already know but the ones that you may not and provide something a little bit different to the usual site. The Racing Post is the industry paper and there website provides a huge amount of information for each horse that is being raced as well as sire and dam information and a lot more. The Sporting Life provides similar information to the Racing Post but in a slightly different navigational format that you may prefer. While the Racing Post has more information some of it is now subscription based and so I thought I would include the Sporting Life for those of you who don’t want to pay the subscription.

The Punters Lounge is one of the biggest online betting forums and needs to be mentioned here. There are a huge amount of posts going on in the site and you can get lost browsing. There are also a lot of new bettors on there and so make sure that if you are taking the advice given in the forum that it is from a long-term and successful member. They also have a huge systems area with thousands of systems that didn’t work. If you want to build a system then this can be a good place to get some ideas if you are running short of your own, obviously they are unlikely to be profitable but that is where your job comes in!

Pattern Form is an excellent and under-utilised website. The data gives speed ratings that can be filtered for every race each day. They also have a pace section where they predict the pace of each horse in a race. They haven’t developed it much for a while but it is still one of the only free pace ratings available in the UK and if you are using the Sporting Life for the rest of your analysis then their speed figures will come in handy as well.

SmarterSig and their Yahoo Group is another excellent monthly magazine. It costs £5 for a one month subscription and they have articles written by a number of professionals. Whether you are a new or experienced bettor then you will find something in each month to get you thinking. Some of the articles may be a little confusing for less in-experienced bettors but the value is excellent. They also have a yahoo group where questions are asked and answers are provided by the community.

BetWise provide raw data for horse racing. They are one of the leading providers of raw data and I cannot recommend them highly enough. You will need to be interested in filtering the data and analysing it but if you want to become involved in database handicapping and data analysis then this is definitely one of the best places to start.

PostRacing was brought to my attention by readers. They gave it such high praise I simply had to check it out and it is certainly deserving of it. This site is run by Ron, a professional punter who provides a daily email with his thoughts on the days racing. Apart from the success of Ron’s advice what makes this site unique, is that Ron donates all profits to horse racing charities. You get excellent advice and support good causes in racing at the same time!

GeeGeez is run by Matt Bisogno. He has to have a mention here as he is one of the most prolific writers online that I know. He regularly writes race reviews that go into excellent attention to detail. A great place to find race reviews, and horse racing knowledge.

Betting System Truths is possibly the biggest betting review site that is currently online. At the time of writing this post they have 13 live reviews running, and 144 tested systems. If you are looking for a lot of betting system reviews then make sure you check this site out.

Pace Advantage is a forum for US racing bettors. You will find almost nothing to do with betting systems and absolutely nothing to do with UK racing. So why is it on this list? Because it has some of the best minds in US horse racing and database handicapping participating on the forum and if you want to learn how to do this stuff then it is one of the best places to investigate. I have had excellent responses to many of my questions in the past.

The Horse Racing Betting Site is provided by and run by the Racing Post but I felt that I should include it on its own because I seldom use the Racing Post but often use The Betting Site. For those of you who bet during the day and are available to watch the market and races then this is an invaluable site. You can see when races have been sent in-play, when results are in as well as read the text commentary or watch the racing live. Market movers, most backed horses, newspaper selections and much more is available from this site and I highly recommend it.

Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. I am a member, Michael, of Ron Robinson’s site and I work for Matt Bisogno. I regard both of these individuals highly. They do different things with the information on offer and each brings something original to the party. Needless to say, they are both successful at what they do. (Like you, Michael). Incidentally I make no money from this sort of endorsement! There are many rogues out there, and I have had dealings with some of them. I am only too happy to help promote the good guys.

    1. As a punting novice came to the sport late due to early retirement I find Matt’s writing and approach very helpful , informative and educational. Most importantly his honesty doesn’t raise expectations and ensure’s you keep your feet on the ground and your money in your wallet!

      Keep up the good work Matt!

      David Groves.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Delighted to make it into your top ten, and I appreciate the kind words you’ve written about what we’re trying to achieve.

    As I write, we’re planning our usual forays to Royal Ascot, though I should warn readers that last year was an absolute disaster from a personal perspective. Good reasoning doesn’t always lead to good profits!

    In any case, many thanks for the mention, and catch up soon,

    p.s. A big thank you also to Peter C, who commented above. His work in providing impartial reviews on some of my other sites is hugely appreciated, both by me and the readers.

    Thanks again.

  3. Michael

    Another site that is worth a mention – some good old fashioned info and lots of ideas is Steve Jones on


    1. Thanks for adding to the list Pete, just had quick look at the site and it seems to be that they have built a lot of systems and proof them on their site and give free selections from some of them. Is that right?

  4. Ps sorry Michael pressed send before thanking you for your top ten list above it all helps learners like me!


  5. does any one know wear I can get a list of speed figers for all horses from the last year I would pay for the list thanks

    1. All speed figures are created slightly differently or at the very least will most likely use different timings so you’d need to be looking to get the history from whichever provider you plan on going ahead and using in the future for it to be useful.

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