Three Popular Accumulator Types and Ways to Use them

Some people HATE accumulators. Why? Because of the risk involved. Some people LOVE accumulators. Why? Because of the potential return from a small stake. Below, we are going to look at three different types of accumulators and are then going to explain how you can use these accumulator types to take a boring bet with a low return into a high returning bet.

Yankee Bet

So first let’s look at a Yankee Bet: When it comes to Yankee Bets, you will need to have 4 selections which are then put into a total of 11 bets. These 11 bets are made up of 4 doubles, 6 trebles and a four way accumulator bet. The problem with a Yankee Bet is that you do not cover the singles so if only one of your selections wins then you won’t see any return whatsoever and you would therefore lose all the money staked on the total Yankee Bet.

The alternative to a Yankee Bet is the Lucky 15. It is exactly the same except you would have 15 bets as you also cover the singles.

The advantage of not including the singles is a far significant profit but the disadvantage of course is the increased risk of not seeing any money from your bet whatsoever.

Patent Bet

A Patent Bet is made up of just 7 bets from a total of 3 selections. These 7 bets are made up of 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble. More often that not, if you’re backing favourites in a Patent Bet then 1 selection winning will still see you losing. If the odds were between 3/2 and 3/1 and you placed a total of £70 on the Patent Bet (so £10 on each part) then you would be looking at a profit of in excess of £600 if all three selections came in.

The Patent Bet is great if you are certain that you can find 3 sure-fire winners each weekend. And of course, with a liability of £70 and a potential profit of £620, you would only need to win one in eight of these bets to just about make a profit. Can you pick three winners 12.5% of the time?

Trixie Bet

Finally, what is a Trixie Bet? A Trixie Bet is very similar to a Patent Bet however, unlike a Patent Bet which is a full coverage multiples bet, a Trixie Bet covers just the doubles and trebles from 3 selections. So it’s the same as a Patent Bet without the singles so it is just made up of 3 doubles and a treble.

Of course, compared to a Patent Bet, you’ve got less liability as you’ve only got 4 bets to cover so if you were using the same stake per bet, then you would have 3pts less in risk on a Trixie Bet. However, Trixie Bets come with a lot of risk! You need to pick at least 2 winning outcomes and even then you won’t always profit if the odds aren’t that high which they often won’t be when using accumulators.

Using Accumulators

Below are two ‘systems’ for using accumulators to make huge profits. Of course, it all comes down to whether or not you can afford to place these accumulators each week as you might have a losing run of 4/5/6 before you see a profit making weekend:

  • Create three patents each weekend backing three favourite football teams on each. Add three home favourites to your accumulator and then repeat for another three favourites. Do three different favourites on each accumulator.
  • Pick a day of the week, and every week on that day, pick 4 favourite horses using your own selection method and add them to a Yankee Bet.

When it comes to betting using accumulators, there’s one thing I would say and that is don’t do them regularly… So set a day of the week to do it, or once a month etc. But do it on a regular day and use the same amount each time. You also need to remember that you don’t need to win a lot of these accumulator bets for you to profit.

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  1. If you can pick three out of three winning selections, at odds between 6/4 and 3/1, once in eight times of asking, why don’t you just go and do it, rather than trying to foist this nonsense on people who know better.

    1. Hi there Willy,
      I’m not suggesting it’s something you can just go and do. What I am saying is IF you can currently pick three winners in a day say… Once a week… Then consider putting those selections into an accumulator.
      I’m just explaining how it can be profitable to do so…

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