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Welcome to the Weekly Profit Puller. This is where I’m going to look at various products or services and delve a little deeper into how they work and how best to use them.

Today we are focusing on the Racing Dossier. This piece of software enables the user to use various ratings that can not only speed up the process of analysing a race but provide the user with accurate information that can prove invaluable.

The first feature that we can see in the image below allows us to customize our own approach to analysing a race. The box on the left has every single rating available to us and we can simply drag these into the box on the right to allow us to use specific ratings. For those of you that already use the software the ratings on the right are one of the “cards” I personally use in my daily approach.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 17.08.55


Don’t worry if some of the names of the ratings seems a little complicated as each rating comes with a description as to what it does. There are also instructional videos that allow the user to fully educate themselves in how it all works.

So using the above card I will now go onto explain how each rating works and how using the Racing Dossier I was able to arrive at today’s selections in the 2.15 at Leicester.

DSLR – This tells me “Days Since Last Run”

DSLGR – This tells me “Days Since Last Good Run”

Hrs Win % – This tells me what percentage of races the horse has won

5287 Contender Finder Ranking – Horses ranked between 1 and 4 will win 52% to 78% of the time

Contender – Form rating which rates the horses strength to contend in the race. The rating goes from 0-10 and the higher the better the horse.

HFP Races – Indicates the chances a horse has of placing based on its last three runs.

CD Winner – Indicates if the horse is a Course or Distance winner. 1= Course, 2= Distance, 3 = Course & Distance, 4 = Course & Distance In Same Race

Frm Imprv – Indicates if the horse has got improving form.

So, using these ratings I went through the 2.15 Leicester which you’ll see in the image below. This whole process took me less than 5 mins which again is a massive advantage.


Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 08.05.23


As you can see in the image above Syrian Pearl has come out on top. She’s ran a race within the last 3 months and that race was her last best performance. She’s also won a high percentage of her races compared to the rest of the field. She comes out on top in the Contender Finder Ranking and has a high Contender rating.

The Racing Dossier has quickly shown me what looks to be the best horse in the race. I then went over to the Racing Post and looked through her form and I have to say that I agree.

She has now become a qualifier for me. I then went about constructing my tissue and she’s also good value at the current 9/2 as I have her down as a 7/2 shot.

So as you can see the Racing Dossier has made my life so much easier and has cut my initial selection process down by over 3 hours a day!

You can grab a copy of the Racing Dossier here if you’d like to follow this approach.

Eddie Lloyd

I have been a professional gambler for 3 years now and spend all my days searching for "value" within Horse Racing. I'm also a keen musician and love travelling around the world.


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