Do Our Strategies Actually Work?

There’s one thing that makes the Race Advisor different to every other betting website out there.

Okay, there’s more than one ;), but there’s one which stands out…

Our focus is to help you learn to use and adapt, betting strategies and techniques so they work for you, with your risk levels, your bankrolls and the time you have available.

Huge amounts of bettors fail to make a profit because they simply take someone else’s approach without understanding their mindset.

And mindset is the key ingredient if you want to regularly take profit from the bookmakers.

But here’s the thing… mindset is different for everybody.

If you just take a strategy, without understanding the mindset, then it may not work for you.

Which is why I always suggest you take a strategy, learn how it works, and then adapt it to suit you.

Does this approach work?

Here’s what Stuart just said in a blog post this weekend…

“…Average PPD (Profit Per Day) to level Stakes as of end May 2017 are running at 7. Sys2, into 3rd year, for Flat and AW and Sys 3, into 2nd year, for NH both OR based and are a very simplified version of your own 5 Step system taken from the first chapter of your book and as of end May 2017 are both averaging 8 PPD to level stakes. None of these systems has ever had a losing month and all 3 average between 5-8 Points Per Day profit to level stakes although I personally use a 2% staking system. I have just started Sys 4 based on your Daily Trainer/Jockey stats although I must admit I don’t even look at the jockey stats and I start with a far higher % than 17, which I find is way way too low. I then apply my own version of your Ultimate Horse Racing Conditions System and starting on June 5th, 2017 as of yesterday using a 100pt bank and 2% win only, my other 3 systems being Win and Place, I have as of yesterday amassed 1460pts in only 55 days using same minimum 4/1 SP as my other systems; At 75 must finally have it cracked it, I hope.”

+1460 points profit in just 55 days, is incredible!

Congratulations Stuart 🙂

How did Stuart get to making these kinds of profits?

He listened to what we were saying, he took the principles behind our system, and he adjusted them to suit his own personal betting preferences.

It’s not rocket science, but it can change your life!

All the best,

The Race Advisor

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  1. I would say your strategies do work very much in the real world, the knowledge you have shared should be commended, right now I know how to handicap a race using weight, class, distance, distance won or lost at that weight, class, distance, I know instantly who the contenders are and who will struggle regardless of the market price, some races are of course very well handicapped throughout and the handicapper has done a great job, there are many though were this is not the case, thank you so much for passing on your knowledge.

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