Saturday Ascot Special

It is my stag party today and I am being taken to Ascot where everyone will be betting on the selections that I have chosen. I have also been told that I cannot use my normal processes, there is a limited amount of time in which I have to find the selections and I can only use the Racing Post website. I have just 30 minutes to go through the first five races (we aren’t staying for the last apparently as we have a deadline to be somewhere else).

I normally spend well over an hour on each race! However much I tried to change the rules, they group was not to be budged and so… never one to stay away from a challenge, I’m tackling this head on.

I’ve got a cup of tea, a timer… and here we go…


We start with a maiden race, this is a race where we only have one race for two of runners out of a field of ten runners (so not much to go on!). Normally I would be staying well clear of this race, but alas this is also something that I am not allowed to do. Of the two runners who have raced before, Jazz ran a better race and would be the favourite. However at the time of writing the market has not yet opened and I will be using that to make my judgement. It is always important to use the markets in races with very little runners.

Selection: Tentative selection on Jazz but this could change depending on the market positions before the race. I will be watching them carefully.


I have narrowed this field down to Noble Alan, Angel Gabrial, Scatter Dice, Aquilonius and Sirvino. An initial look suggests Angel Gabrial and Scatter Dice to be the strongest. They have both performed well recently and raced each other before competitively. Scatter Dice’s last race was in a significantly better class than Angel Gabrial and so has a slight edge. Sirvino had a good race last time out but if he follows the form of last season we will see this performance decline after his first race which is cause for concern.

Selection: I will be backing Scatter Dice to win in this race.


The 2:40 race has just six runners in it. Thomas Chippendale and Ektihaam raced against each recently and both raced competitively with strong races. Highland Castle has also run recently but in a much lower class race than the other two and so is being removed from contention. Main Sequence has beaten Thomas Chippendale twice in high quality races and there is no reason he shouldn’t do the same when coming back to race today. Number Theory cannot be ignored having raced very strongly in higher class races than we are seeing today.

If Main Sequence comes back in form then he is going to be the one to beat.

Selection: I will be backing Main Sequence


In this fillies race, Shena’s Dream has beaten Fulney twice and we can expect that to happen again. Westwiththenight beat Modern Romance recently and again there is nothing to indicate we won’t see a repeat of that today.Sharp And Smart looks like a strong potential runner in this race with two wins last time out at good times, but there is a significant rise in class today. Westwiththenight has shown consistent improvement and if she can continue this then there is definitely a strong threat there. Princess Of Orange has shown that she likes a run to warm up and then improves before starting to decline. This means we can expect to see improvement today after her last race.

This is going to be a competitive race and there are a number who have a strong potential.

Selection: A very difficult race but I am going to be going with Weswiththennight to win


With twenty nine runners this is going to be a big race. Looking at my timer I only have just over 5 minutes left to anlayse this race. It’s going to be tough but I am going to need to narrow down the field very quickly. I’ve removed all runners that look like they have been declining either this season or at the end of the last. Haaf A Sixpence beat Dream Tune last time out and Tartiflette beat Cape Classic and Highland Colori.

Haaf A Sixpence looks to be a strong runner and could be the one to beat. Arnold Lane had a strong race last time out, as did Tartiflette. Lightning Cloud also cannot be ignored.

Selection: A very difficult race with so many runners means that almost anything could happen. I will be taking Haaf A Sixpence each-way who looks to have a strong chance of contending at good odds.

Phew… I feel a little bit like I’ve just run a marathon. Are you betting at Ascot today? If so it would be great to know who you’re going to be betting on throughout the day, just leave a comment below.

Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. Best of luck with your stag and wedding day,the tip you will ever get is.


  2. 3:50 ascot bronze prince ew it must have a great chance of at least getting into the frame, and at a very good price, i think i might have a small ew saver on your choice

  3. congratulations Michael to yourself and future wife sure you will both have a wonderful day when you both walk up the isle. that’s providing the stag don’t tie you up to some roundabout stark bollock naked,. before the local police turn up, relieve you from your nightmare and take you to the local police station were they kindly give you a bed for the night !! haha

    enjoy the right ups as usual ——- main sequence looks the days best bet on the form shown last season what surprised myself the poor fella has had his meat and 2 veg taken away so no the selection will not be eligible to marry and settle down when retiring from the sport he loves !!!


    1. Thank you Steve. I’m hoping there will be no roundabouts!

      Main Sequence does look to be the bet of the day and the poor fella has been gelded. Many thanks for the best wishes 🙂

  4. Have a good day, Michael. Hope you survive!! Today’s racing is one to stand aside from, imo, and watch for clues from the trial races. Hope you find your pals a winner, but I can’t help.
    Good luck!! I think you’ll need it in spades…

    1. THank you Mel. It’s a tough day that’s for sure, hopefully we’ve found some winners though!

  5. Just something to watch out for from your wedding day…… you walk up the aisle towards the alter and getting ready to sing your favourite hymn, your newly intended “might” be thinking………


  6. Good luck today & best wishes for the wedding. I have £10 ew on Khubbala in the 3.50

  7. happy birthday been told khubala in the 3.50 ascot (i,m like you like half a sixpence have a good day chas

    1. Thank you Chas, it’s my stag party today 🙂 Quite a few people seem to be keen on Khubbala.

  8. Not sure if i be betting big stakes today,hard to make my mind up,plenty of little punts,looks like the order of the day,unless i get a heads up from my contacts.
    Congrats to you and yor lady,but do not show yourself up,when your mates let the stripper loose,some are very tempting.haha,Good Luck

  9. Hi, Michael

    I’m never over happy with some of the “better” tracks, e.g. Ascot, but I hope your selections all romp home and that you enjoy your day. The only bet I’m placing there for today is Main Sequence, so at least you’re in good company there! Good luck


  10. Hi Michael,

    First time on your website…Hope you have a great day.

    Angel Gabriel looks a good thing 2.05. Was unluck @ Don last time out.
    Weswiththennight was very impressive @ Don. Up 11lb for that, but hard to see why he wont go in again. And, in the 3.50 I like Glen Moss e-w. Did well @ Kemp last month after 10mth layoff, it was only lack of fitness that caught him out.

  11. my backs – 2.05 ascot scatter dice 3.15 ascot arsaadi 3.50 ascot lightning cloud 4.25 ascot tagula night

  12. Same thing happens to me every time I go to racing with “non-racing” friends !

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