Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe 2011

Once again we find ourselves looking forward to one of those extremely exciting days of punting. I have gone through the card and you can find my thoughts below. There is also a poll at the bottom to allow you to vote on the runners that you think will have the greatest chance of winning. Please place your vote and then leave a comment to tell us why you think this runner will win. The RA polls have proven to be an extremely accurate measurement of which horses will win the race and this is thanks to you for making our community what it is.

I am going to start by looking for horses which have won a Group 1 or 2 race previously and put extra emphasis on those which won last time out. This gives us So You Think, Sarafina, Treasure Beach, Masked Marvel, Reliable Man, Danedream and Galikova. A high draw in this race can prove to be fatal and so I am going to be concentrating only on those runners which are drawn 10 or lower. The past has also shown us that the allowance for 3 year olds very much works in their favour and so we should focus on putting those into our contenders.

This removes So You Think and Sarafina from our selections. Reliable Man has going conditions which cause concern. Treasure Beach is A P O’Brien’s second runner in the race and is not expected to make all while Galikova was not targeting this race. The choice for me would be Masked Marvel but there is concern for his pace. Meandre also cannot be ignored with a trainer whose form is superb. The choices for me are Masked Marvel and Meandre for bets split 20% of the stake to win and 80% to place.

Please Let Me Know Which Runners You Think May Win And Leave A Comment Saying Why

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  1. well drawn trained specially for this course and distance winner and mr moore is back

  2. It went well and has done very well in the past to. On the next big race day I shall publish a new poll. 🙂

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