Pray For Me….

I’m down in Devon this weekend and the nerves are starting to get to me because…

…we’re here for a wedding!

No, I’m not getting married again.

And this isn’t like any other wedding, because we’re actually giving the ceremony.

Yup. We’ve been truly honoured by being asked, but whenever you do something for the first time you’re always kinda nervous.

So pray for me that it goes well, and we don’t knock the bride into the lake by mistake!

I still remember my first few years in horse racing, I had the same kind of nervousness I’ve got today. It took me some time to learn everything that I needed to know to make a profit.

Which isn’t really surprising considering the amount of information there is on every single horse.

Sometimes I look at a race now and think… “If I didn’t know what to do, this would be like unravelling an massive knot of ropes!

Which is why I wrote The Really Useful Betting Book, to give you a place to start your journey to betting profits that’s simple and easy to understand, and then progress you to more advanced techniques slowly.

Usually this sells on Amazon for £17.85 (as you can see here), but as a regular reader of the Race Advisor, I want to give you the opportunity to grab a digital copy of it for just £1.99.

Which you can do here.

However, I totally get you may want to see what’s inside, so you can get the first chapter completely free by entering your email in here.

Once you’ve done that, I’ll make sure that the free chapter is sent immediately.

After you’ve read that, I’m 100% certain you’ll want to get the rest of the book, which contains…

Lesson 1 – How To Make Your Betting Pay!

Lesson 2 – Official Ratings (The Advanced Method)

Lesson 3 – Breaking Apart Fact from Fiction18

Lesson 4 – How To Make a Profit In 10 Seconds

Lesson 5 – Thinking Big = Winning Big

Lesson 6 – Planning your Betting Success

Lesson 7 – Making Sure You’re Prepared

Lesson 8 – How To Predict Your Losing Bets

Lesson 9 – How Big Is Your Bankroll?

Lesson 10 – Bookmaker, Betting Exchange or Tote?

Lesson 11 – What Is The Best Bet Type?

Lesson 12 – How Different Bet Types Work

Lesson 13 – Bet Structuring (What most punters forget!)

Lesson 14 – The Zen Of Betting

Lesson 15 – Betting Systems… Do They Work?

Lesson 16 – How To Build Betting Systems Webinar

Lesson 17 – Where You Can Build Betting Systems

Lesson 18 – Systems and strategies, what’s the difference?

Lesson 19 – 3 CRUCIAL Elements Of A Profitable Bettor

Lesson 20 – Are you Gambling or Investing?

Lesson 21 – THIS Is What You Should Be Improving!

Lesson 22 – Believe Me… THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE

Lesson 23 – An Untapped Source Of Betting Systems

Lesson 24 – The Secret of Stress-Free Betting

Lesson 25 – Don’t Fool Yourself

Lesson 26 – Throw The Rule Book Away

Lesson 27 – THIS WILL Make You Future Profits

Lesson 28 – Understanding All Weather Racing

Lesson 29 – Flat Racing, And Why It’s My Favourite!

Lesson 30 – National Hunt Racing… What Is It?

Lesson 31 – The 5 Steps To Building Profitable Betting Systems

Lesson 32 – Why Are You Looking At Horses That Lose?

Lesson 33 – Finding The Strongest Runners In A Race

Lesson 34 – The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

Lesson 35 – Rating Variance Uncovered

Lesson 36 – Do You REALLY Know How To Use This?

Lesson 37 – How To Find Winners In 5 Minutes

Lesson 38 – Simple Form Reading Secrets

Lesson 39 – The BEST Staking Plan In Existence

Lesson 40 – Are You High Or Low Risk?

Lesson 41 – The Answers To Your Questions

Lesson 42 – Are You Gambling or Investing?

Lesson 43 – Is This Really The Best Staking Plan?

Lesson 44 – Racing Isn’t The Only Money Maker!

Lesson 45 – Patterns – The Unknown Approach To Profits

Lesson 46 – This Is An ESSENTIAL Question

Lesson 47 – Do You Believe? Really Believe?

Lesson 48 – Your Profitable Betting Pattern

Lesson 49 – Portfolio Betting, Should You Do It?

Lesson 50 – 3 Reasons To Have A Betting Portfolio

Lesson 51 – Building A Portfolio Of Portfolios

Lesson 52 –One Thing That Will Guarantee Failure

Lesson 53 – THIS Is What You Should Be Recording

Lesson 54 – The Top Ten Racing Websites

Lesson 55 – Saving You Time

Lesson 56 – How To Turn Losing Betting Systems Into Winners

Lesson 57 – Why Ratings Are Contradictory

Lesson 58 – Simple Or Complex Ratings, Which Are Better?

Lesson 59 – How You Can Understand ANY Rating Instantly

Lesson 60 – Rankings Are So Much Easier

Lesson 61 – 6 Steps To Finding Countless Winners

Lesson 62 – 2 Steps To Stopping Information Overload

Lesson 63 –The Power Of Betting To Small Stakes

Lesson 64 – Lucrative Creativity (An OOTB Method)

Lesson 65 – This Is How I Bet (for your eyes only)

Lesson 66 – What Is Database Handicapping?

Lesson 67 – Can You Do It?

Lesson 68 – How To Become A Form Reading Pro

Crossing The Wire


The bottom line is… if you want to know something about profitable betting, it’s going to be in here.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

Race Advisor

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  1. If I buy this using the link to the offer, is the book a digital download or hard copy like the ones on Amazon?

  2. Sir, I have purchased your book for £1.99p. The method you allegedly show using OR’s to construct a method make no sense. We have a horse with an average OR of 50, who in the current race pops up with an OR of over 100. This is gobbledegook OR there is something missing in your explanation.

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