Outright Tennis Betting A Winning Strategy – Part 1

Guest article written by Paul Micelli

Tennis betting systems still remain as something of a mystery, even to the most serious of sports betting enthusiasts. This is reflected in the large number of overpriced software packages that are currently available on the internet promising untold riches by simply inputting statistical information relating to top-ranked players. In reality, the only people making a handsome living out of these particular systems are those that are recycling tired mathematical formulas and selling them at premium prices for ridiculous profits.

Betting on Tennis doesn’t need much in the way of mathematical analysis to be successful. For the greater part, traditional sports betting patterns can be used to excellent effect and there will be a multitude of factors that have to be considered before betting on an outright result can take place. These factors can include aspects regarding a player and will account for everything from past form to their nationality. A result may even be influenced on the schedule of the event itself. However, there are two fundamental areas that must be considered before any others if sports betting enthusiasts are to profit from outright tennis betting.

The first area that needs to be considered is the competition or tournament itself. Although a large percentage of tournaments won on the American and European tours involve players with high rankings, they do tend to spring up the occasional surprise and lesser-ranked players will inevitably pick up a tournament win or two over the course of a season. Because of this factor, it is always advisable to make selections from high profile tournaments only, unless a clear indication of a potential winner can be established in the smaller competitions. Historically, the best players have a tendency to progress further in high profile tournaments than players who are seeded lower in the draw. The question is raised as to whether high ranking players put in more effort during such a tournament than they do in other competitions.

The other important consideration comes down to the draw of a particular tournament. Effectively, the draw will be the basis of your tennis betting strategy and because of this, betting is not recommended until the draw for a tournament has been made. The size of the draw is irrelevant to our calculations because the fundamental principles will still apply as soon as the draw has actually been made.

The process that will be applied to produce a potential outright winner in a high profile tennis tournament is completely based upon the strength of the field and the probability of progression. The system is essentially fool proof because it consistently highlights the players to avoid betting on. By eliminating the players that are more likely to lose, the pool of potential winners is automatically reduced and the mathematical possibility of determining an outright winner from this smaller pool is subsequently increased. The system also gives sports betting enthusiasts the opportunity to focus on the strongest section of the draw.

When further filtering is applied to these two fundamental areas, the possibility of selecting the outright winner of a tournament is greatly increased and because the selection is established as soon as the draw is made, it is also highly likely that the best betting price can be obtained.

Michael Wilding

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