How the Kelly formula made us £60,000

Have you ever heard of the Kelly formula?

Hong Kong betting guru Bill Benter heads a syndicate that makes $20 million a year.

And he swears by Kelly.

So what is it?

It’s a formula that tells you how much of your bank to bet each time.

And it gets some incredible results – but it’s very volatile!

In this month’s SmartSigger magazine we gave it a go, starting with £1,000.

After a dozen bets, Kelly had increased that to £2,500.

It was was foot-on-the-accelerator time after that.

In no time the bank was up to £9,000.

And then £60,000. Whaaaat?

But that was the peak of the roller coaster!

To find out what happened next, have a read of our wild Kelly formula ride in the issue of SmartSigger that’s out now.

It’s utterly fascinating.

SmartSigger, by the way, is the No1 magazine about horseracing.

So if you’re not already a reader, I recommend you become one.

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Such as how to tame the Kelly formula!

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