How To Bet On Cricket

Cricket has seen a recent surge in popularity as far as sports betting is concerned. Although the county game in the United Kingdom doesn’t enjoy the same profile it did several decades ago, the introduction of new formats such as the Twenty20 competition have made cricket a much bigger betting attraction. The game offers numerous opportunities to make profits and sports betting enthusiasts with an eye for good value can use a number of different betting possibilities in test matches, one-day games and tournaments.

Betting on the Outcome

Perhaps the easiest way to gain profits from betting on cricket is to wager on the outcome of a match. Like football, a cricket match only has three possible outcomes and sports betting enthusiasts can select a team or nation to win, lose or draw. Because of the predictable one-sided nature of many cricket matches, particularly at the international level of the game, this particular format of sports betting is more popular with the serious punter.

Betting on a Cricket Series or Tournament

Sports betting enthusiasts with a preference for ante-post gambles find that that the best betting opportunities in cricket usually arise in advance of high-profile series or tournament matches. Because the draw for these matches takes place well in advance of the competition actually starting punters are able to analyse form, history and the venue to make the best possible selections.

The early stages of a major tournament will see accomplished cricketing nations taking on international minnows on a regular basis and this presents opportunities for accumulative betting where larger returns can be gathered without massive risks in terms of stakes.  In series matches it is also possible to bet on the final outcome (win, lose or draw). Spread bettors can enjoy a flutter on the margin of victory within a match or a series and those with an eye for an upset can also find excellent value in the outright betting market.

Betting on Scores

As a supplement to betting on the outcome of a match, sports bettors can also enjoy making selections on the number of runs or wickets that a game will be won by. In addition, most major land-based and online bookmakers will offer odds on the frequency that wickets will fall, the time those wickets will actually happen, the scoring rate of individual batsmen and even overall bowling figures.

Batsmen and Bowlers

The scope of betting on individual batsmen and bowlers is vast and sports betting enthusiasts can enjoy a number of interesting wagers. A batsmen can be backed to score a century, hit a certain number of boundaries or to be bowled out for a duck. In turn, it is possible to back a bowler to take a set amount of wickets or to be hit for a certain number of runs.

Betting in Real Time

The advances in online technology have led to a series of bets that can be made while a match is actually in progress. Punters can use their preferred internet bookmaker to place bets on the next wicket to fall, the next bowler to take a wicket or the number of runs that will be scored in a particular over. The fluctuating odds in real time betting can offer superb value for money, especially when the balance of play looks to be swinging in favour of one particular side.

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  1. Thanks, a useful and interesting piece. But there are four possible outcomes in a cricket match: there’s a whole universe of difference between a “draw” and a “tie”. And those terms can have different meanings according to the competition.

    1. A good comment Maurice and I have forwarded in on to Paul who is going to update the article to take into account your comments. I shall post here when the article has been updated.

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