FL Horse Racing Software – How I Would Use It!

Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. Hi,
    Greta video, just what I was looking for as I needed to decide whether to buy
    this software or not.



  2. Second race you highlighted , the software showed Chatterati as non previously run. You confirmed this as being something to be wary of.

    A handicap where a horse has not run before ? Something not only to be wary of , but to investigate further.

    The name was one I thought I could remember – but as the race was only a few days ago and it won , then it is no surprise that I had heard of it.

    Checking Timeform confirmed that Chatterati was not the first horse ever to be making its racecourse debut in a handicap – what a shock !

    If the software can’t get simple things like that right ( and to be honest someone purporting to be knowledgeable on the subject not picking it up ) means the software is probable flawed in far too many ways.

    This was a HAND PICKED race , used as an example !

    1. This wasn’t a hand picked race, I wouldn’t do that. However you are right, I should have picked up that we were looking at a handicap race and the all time starts could not be zero. I make mistakes sometimes like everyone else. Being used to the data integrity of my own databases I made the mistake of assuming the data integrity would be correct and because the race type isn’t part of the strategy I completely ignored it. You should certainly be aware of any data problems like this within the software.

  3. I have had this soft ware for a few weeks and I have come to the same conclusion as your self it is not very fast way of finding contenders I prefer your spread sheet which I have found to be far more reliable however Ross does not explain the soft ware in version 4 as good as he appears to be doing in version 5 so question is now we both have version 4 and no update would you pay him £349.00 for version 5 now you have seen what you can do with 4?

    It seems to me your spread sheet’s are quicker and better. even the basic copy and paste from RP is good. I do like the 58/78 contender spread it works for me.

  4. ros keeps emailing me with new videos i am interested this is version 5 in your opinion is it worth £349 i use rp website now but takes an age!!! i am a layer rather than a win bet person cant make up my mind

    cheers dave turnbull

    1. Sorry Dave, I posted that reply under the wrong comment! It is hard for me to say if it is worth it for you or not. It certainly helps to speed the process up but won’t be providing much extra information on top of that. I would suggest that you look at how long it would take you to pay it back.

  5. i have just watched your video on how you would use fl ratings could you advise me,would it be better in handicap or non handicap,thanks dave

      1. hi mike,in what order of importance would you put the following.going,distance,class,race type,course,for percentages,thanks in advance,dave

        1. Hi Dave. Personally I would put Going, Distance, Class, Race Type and then Course. However Going, Distance, Race Type and Course can kind of be accumulated together as a preference for the horse over the combination.

  6. could you please tell me where i would get the spreadsheet mentioned in one of the emails above,from liam on march 3rd 2012 thanks in advance dave

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