Dream Horse

The moving true story of an ordinary Welsh woman who dreamed of breeding a race horse, and Dream Alliance, who defied the odds to become a champion and brought a community together.

Janet Vokes was running the bar in her local working men’s club in the small Welsh mining community of Cefn Fforest when she fixed upon the idea of breeding a racehorse. Why shouldn’t a working-class horse take on the wealthy high-flyers and compete in the ‘sport of kings’?

Her mind set, she bought a mare for £350, paired her up with a pedigree stallion and helped to create a syndicate of twenty-three residents from her village – each paying £10 a week – to raise the resulting foal, Dream Alliance. He may have grown up on an allotment but Dream had immediate star quality, beating all the odds to compete at Ascot, Aintree and even the Cheltenham Festival. But when a terrible injury brings his racing days to a standstill, the syndicate is forced to make a vital decision not just about his career, but his life.

This is the type of book that you could lend to a person who isn’t even into horse racing! Beautifully written, the narrative takes the reader on a journey through the inspiring “rags to riches” tale of a National Hunt hero Dream Alliance.

The book fills you with a sense of “anything is possible, if you put your mind to it” feeling and proves that success comes from passion and belief in your goals. Hard work is off course needed and the author makes you feel a part of that dedication and persistence.

It’s a heart warming read, will move any reader whether they’re into racing or not and I personally, struggled to put it down!

All in all, Dream Horse by Janet Vokes is the extraordinary story of a woman who defied the snobbery of the racing world to breed a champion, and a remarkable horse who brought a community together.

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