• Mar- 2010 -
    4 March

    Systems, Let’s Make A Winning One! – Week 2

    It is that time of the week again where we look at the system that we started last week and begin to build on it. In the last post we had two polls that were going to help us to decide whether we wanted to make a back or lay system and what way of analysing the main profit of…

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  • 2 March

    Using Formula 1 For A No Risk Profit

    Gentlemen, start your engines! The start of the Formula 1 race season is soon to be upon us, with the first race taking place in Bahrain on the morning of March 12th. This time of year brings back many, many memories. Black and white footage of early Le Mans races and old Tony Curtis movies – well, at least that…

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  • 2 March

    One Way Of Analysing The Premiership

    The English Premier League is approaching its last 10 games, and it looks like being a very exciting climax to the season – not only to see who the winner will be, but also who will get the valued fourth position, and which teams are doomed to relegation. The three front runners, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal all have strong…

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  • 1 March

    Interview With A Professional Gambler

    I say a lot of things and you very kindly read them and I hope that what I am saying helps your betting and you will continue to read it. Today I thought it may be interesting to put up the perspective of a different pro bettor and so I managed to get permission to publish this interview for you.…

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  • Feb- 2010 -
    27 February

    Profiting From Trainer Trends In March

    Guest post by Dave Renham from PunterProfits Each month I write an article based on past trainer performance over a particular month. I have stated many times before, trainers tend to be creatures of habit and tend to peak / trough at similar times each year. This article is based on National Hunt trainers in the month of March with…

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  • 25 February

    BETTING SYSTEMS: Can They Make Me A Profit

    Originally written in 2010, the focus of this article was to teach new horse racing bettors how to create a simple betting system, which allows you to find selections quickly. The aim wasn’t to create huge profits, but to show how to build a betting system quickly and easily, to get you started at a small profit or break-even. Once…

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  • 24 February

    What’s Going To Happen In The Carling Cup 2010

    It could not have been written for a play. Aston Villa, winners of the inaugural Football League Cup, meets the current holders Manchester United at Wembley this Sunday to celebrate 50 years of the competition. It is Villas first Wembley appearance since losing to Chelsea in the last F.A. Cup Final to be held at the old stadium in 2000,…

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  • 23 February

    Good Or Lucky, Which Are You?

    Guest post by Colin Beveridge from “The race is not always to the swift, nor the fight to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.” – Damon Runyan Alice* is a professional gambler. Over the last two years she has consistently churned out around £2,000 profit per month by finding value bets on a handful of different sports…

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  • 19 February

    Correct Score Betting Using Scoring Patterns

    One of the most popular “side” bets associated with fixed odds football coupons is the correct score forecast, and one of the most lucrative methods for profiting from these bets is by combining permutations of the most likely results calculated from historical statistics. We show below an example from next weekends Premier League matches where we can exploit teams who…

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  • 18 February

    Profiting From The Champions League

    Following from our article last week, the second half of first leg ties in the knockout stage of the Champions League take place next week, with some of the matches appearing fairly predictable and a really “special” one. We look ahead to the games being played on Tuesday and Wednesday and offer betting suggestions. Olympaikos v Bordeaux As we mentioned…

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  • 15 February
    Betting Systems Confusing You?

    STOP: 5 Easy Tweaks You Can Use When Betting Systems Are Confusing You

    If you use any kind of betting system, then you’re almost certain to have experienced that moment where different systems are giving you different selections in the same race. Even worse… You may have had a moment where most of the horses in the race have been selected by different betting systems. Or… One betting system tells you to back…

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  • 14 February

    The 99th Davis Cup – Who Is Going To Win?

    Unless you are a tennis aficionado, it is unusual to get excited about tennis at this time of year. Scraping frost from icy windscreens will hardly conjure up images of strawberries and cream on Henman Hill, SW9. However, this year the first round rubbers of the 99th Davis Cup offer the mouthwatering prospect of world nº1, Roger Federer, meeting world…

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  • 12 February

    Champions League Winners – Part 1

    Next week sees the start of the first legs in the knockout stage of the Champions League. We take a preview of the games being played on Tuesday and Wednesday and offer betting suggestions. AC Milan v Manchester United AC Milan had an impressive run of 9 victories in 10 games prior to their recent loss to city rivals Inter.…

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  • 10 February

    A Horse’s True Chance Of Winning, Is It Possible To Know?

    Is it possible to know what a horses true chance of winning is? Whatever anybody tells you, the answer is no. We can estimate a horse’s true chance of winning, but we won’t ever know it. When I first started betting on horses, I was told to stop trying to get the exact probability of a horse’s chance of winning…

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  • 3 February
    Back Betting or Lay Betting in Horse Racing

    Back Betting or Lay Betting in Horse Racing

    We all start by thinking that we can make a lot of money from horse racing, whether it’s back betting or lay betting. Then, after we’ve tried a few tipster, and a few betting systems, and realised it’s not as easy as we first thought, we begin to look for how to really make a profit from your betting. Everybody…

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  • Jan- 2010 -
    26 January

    Is Your Horse Racing System Losing? [4 Action Steps]

    We’ve all been there. Our great horse racing system has started to lose. The big question is… Is it a downswing or has the system stopped working? Everything pivots on making the right decision here. If you decide it’s broken and stop using it, but it was just a downswing, then you’ve binned a profitable horse racing system. But if…

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  • 22 January

    1000 Points In One Year Of Laying, Is It Possible?

    I had an email from a reader after writing the article on ‘How Important Are Recent Finish Positions’ suggesting the possibility of using this as the basis of a lay system. I thought that we would investigate this today using estimated Betfair prices to assess the profitability of the lay bets. In the last article we discovered that when betting…

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  • 14 January

    12 Easy All Weather Racing Statistics

    Nine years ago I wrote a blog post looking at All Weather racing statistics. The summary was… 12 runners or less Horses that Lead the pace Who last raced between 22 and 56 days ago The results from this produced an average of +54 units profit per year at SP odds. Pretty good. The question now is, will these results…

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  • 8 January

    Using Graphs To Visualise Ratings – Part 2

    Earlier this week I wrote this article about how we can use graphs to help visualise ratings. I had a lot of emails about using visualisation in handicapping. I thought that I would write a part 2 and look a little bit more in detail at what we can do to help us visualise handicapping. One way of using graphs…

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  • 2 January
    Horse Racing Speed Ratings Image 5

    Simple Trick Turns Speed Ratings To Profits

    I originally wrote this article about visualising horse racing speed ratings on the 2nd January 2010. It’s still one of the least used, most powerful methods for analysing a horse race. So I figured it was time to give it an update. Although admittedly there’s very little to update in terms of strategy! All the examples will be fresh and…

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