Sydney Osborne

Sydney Osborne

Sydney Osborne is an outreach partner with a passion for horses. She produces articles on behalf of TVG - a reputable horse and greyhound racing betting business offering tips for responsible wagering.
  • Mar- 2022 -
    25 March
    AdviceHorse Racing Tip

    The Best European Jockeys In 2022

    Everything You Need To Know About The Best Riders And Their Horses In Europe Right Now Europe has long been considered the birthplace of professional horse racing. It was a pastime that both the Ancient Greeks and Romans were passionate about. However, horse racing as we know it today was first seen in the UK. European settlers later brought horse…

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  • Oct- 2021 -
    7 October

    How weather and the elements affect a horse’s chance of winning a race

    Horse racing is such a popular sport, and betting on it even more so. However, it’s not just the trainer, jockey, and physique of the horse that can impact the outcome of a race. We get affected by the elements and the weather, and horses do as well. So, the weather is something that can definitely impact the outcome of…

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