An Amazingly Simple Betting Strategy

Guest post written by Paul Micelli

Horse racing can be one of the most enjoyable and profitable forms of sports betting activity for the modern gambler and the use of an effective system can have a massive effect in boosting the typical bankroll. However there are many systems which simply struggle to produce long-term financial benefits and bettors are advised to be particularly studious in their approach to using them.

Why do Systems Fail?

The most typical reason for a horse racing system to fail is the fact that the method being used is fundamentally flawed. Many of these systems are actually derived without a solid outlook to the longer term and a plan of action is usually based on results that have already been achieved without any specific background research into why they actually occurred.

To all intents and purposes this is effectively the same as firing a bullet into the trunk of a tree and then drawing a target around it afterwards.

Another reason most systems fail is because the sports betting enthusiast is unable to endure losses caused by a losing run. Bankroll management remains an essential factor in achieving long-term success.

Caution can make horse racing systems tedious and even when the strike rate is excellent, the prospect of slow returns and smaller profits often see bettors giving up through sheer boredom.

Mail Order Systems

The growing sports betting market has seen a large rise in the number of private operators selling supposedly foolproof betting systems for significant sums of money. Although many come with guarantees, the information that these systems provide can usually be found free of charge by those who have the inclination to study different resources with patience and a selective attitude.

Most mail order systems simply reproduce tired old formulas that have actually seen punters LOSE more money over a period of weeks and months than they gain.

You should also be advised that mail order systems that promise huge profits in other sports, poker or online casino games are also unreliable and should be avoided at all costs.

Why do other Systems Work?

A successful system owes much to the tenacity and application of the user who has tried them over an extended period of time. In reality a truly successful method isn’t going to be offered for multiple sales over the internet at giveaway prices.

If a system consistently produces great results, the chances of it being sold on are highly remote because bookmakers will eventually become wise to the large numbers of people implementing it for profit. However, there are a number of different horse racing strategies that regularly produce high strike rates and the following example should go some way towards finding profitable selections for you to bet on.

Please note that this strategy is to help with contender selection and I strongly advise that you do further analysis before placing a bet. However they will help to speed up the process of finding your selections significantly.

Sellers and Claimers – The following contender strategy relies on bets being placed in seller and claimer races where the standard of entry is relatively low. More often than not, sports betting enthusiasts and bookmakers will be unfamiliar with the field and this leads to an open marketplace where true value can often be found.

Many bettors rely solely on the stable that a horse comes from or the jockey appointed for the ride. This usually makes a horse from a well-known yard a clear favourite and subsequently the price on the second favourite goes out. By looking at the second-favourite a true value bet can often be found and these contenders can enjoy strike rates in excess of 25%.

It is important to note that some racetracks enjoy more success using this system than others if you are using this strategy then you are advised to choose selections from meetings at Epsom, Carlisle, Newmarket, Wincanton, Ascot, Great Leighs, York, Catterick and Plumpton.

The next system in the series will follow in part 2…

If you would like to develop this strategy or trial it then you can do so in our forum

Michael Wilding

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  1. ive been testing systems for 15 years +.the best and most consistant is backing novice hurdle favourites between 4/7 and 9/2 on good/firm ,firm ground.during summer double penalties.kind regards. πŸ™‚

  2. This is the first piece in the series, the others will be published in the coming weeks.

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