A Completed System Review and Two Beginning

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The Full Circle System – Reviewer Sgt Dave

The Full Circle System by Breon Rawlings is being distributed by Sportsworld Publishing for the cost of 95 pounds, a tipping service is also available for 40 pounds.

The system rules are an easy 7 stage process which uses the Racing Post and Sporting Life online or the paper equivalent and the good thing is that no membership is required. No selections on a Sunday, No Betting in April or for 2 weeks in November is the other criteria. The system author recommends 2.5% of your Betting Bank as 1 point, so Sgt Dave has started with a 40 point Bank to keep it simple so stakes will be 1 point win up to 5.00, ½ point win and ½ point place on horses 6.00 to 14.00, 1 point Place Only 15.00 and above; all results will be to BFSP.

The website claims an average of 35 points a month profit since August 2009, so it has got plenty to live up to, so far after 7 days the profit is only 0.68 points so there is a fair way to go to achieve the claimed profits but there is plenty of time left in our three months of testing.

Number 1 Lay System – Reviewer Sgt Dave

Another new review for Sgt Dave, this time it is a laying system being distributed by Sportsworld Publishing and the author is Derek Nadin.

As per the website it has had 259 selections since 1st January 2009 and only 10 losing lays at an average price of 9.3. You can expect 15 to 20 selections a month, but there is no Laying in the months of May and June due to infrequent selections.

So how much will this one set you back? The full system manual is 125 pounds; also available is a Tipping Service for 40 pounds a month.

The 11 simple rules come in a 5 page e-book and require the Racing Post online (Free part) or the paper equivalent, The Sun newspaper can be used also. A 96% strike rate, and Sgt Dave has checked this out, seems feasible, his only concern was the odds which range from 2.00 to 17.00. All results will once again be at BFSP and stakes will be 1 point with a 100 point Starting Bank. So far up to Day 7 the system has given 4 selections all winning ones and is showing a profit of 3.80 points so a very encouraging start.

Laying Odds On Favourites -Reviewer Sgt Dave

This was given 3.5 stars and passed the 84 day review by Sgt Dave because it actually did what it said on the tin.

It was stated that the service is slow to build up profits and was very long term. It was also stated that it was low risk. This was born out by the short losing runs of only 3 which occurred three times during the review. The downside of course is that winning runs are short because you are laying odds on favourites and the best run achieved during the 84 days was 4, which happened twice.

There were several spells of no selections, in fact it had 47 days of no bets during the 84 period. The actual average number of selections was down for the review period at 20 when the norm is 25 to 30.

The problem is it will have a limited appeal. A lot of discipline and patience is required. In addition you would need to have a good sized bank. You would need to be staking at least 50 pound a point, probably more, as the cost of the LOF Bot is £65 a month although this could be reduced to £41.40 per month if you took an annual subscription at the cost of £497. So if you are an investor who thinks very long term and wants a slow but steady way of making an income this could be for you.

Upto day 84

This Period

Final Day 84


1000 point Start Bank


Level stakes


1257.50 points

+257.50 points

5% Liability


1402.64 points

+402.64 points

The Betting System Guru runs the Betting System Truths website where a team of 18+ reviewers put betting systems through their paces over two – three months of testing. All the tested systems are given a final review before being star rated.

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