Winning It Back!

This book is about one of the biggest gamblers of all time – Gary Wiltshire.

The compelling rags-to-riches story of the larger than life punter, bookmaker and BBC television pundit.

The imposing presence of Gary Wiltshire has long been one of the familiar and colourful sights on the racecourses and dog tracks of Britain.

“In the fifth race, the Rosemary Rated Stakes, Dettori was riding another Godolphin horse: a filly named Fatefully, who in the morning prices had been quoted at around 9/2. But in the Ascot betting ring, where the big firms were trying to limit the damage from Frankie’s having ridden the first four winners, she opened up at around 5/2 and was solidly backed down to as skinny a price as 13/8.”

I think I’ve lost a million quid today – is one of the chapter titles in the brilliant and gripping read, that is Gary Wiltshire’s autobiography.

It does quote that the “Belly From The Telly” is Britain’s biggest gambler but, as we go through these book reviews, we’ll open that one up for debate!

Maybe, Wiltshire is indeed one of Britains biggest losers, after the on-course bookie lost over a million quid from the “famous seven”, that was miraculously executed by the infamous, yet much loved jockey, Frankie Dettori.

Love him or hate him, Gary Wiltshire delivers a brilliant and insightful read into his life leading up to that fateful day, both for him and most bookies, when punters won a fortune from the most unlikeliest events, as Dettori won ALL seven races on the card!

To make it an even better read, “Belly From the Telly” manages to win it all back, and the journey to get there is almost more exciting than a jockey winning all seven races!

“Winning It All Back” is a worthwhile read for anyone who is a fan of horse racing, and even for those who are not!

Eddie Lloyd

I have been a professional gambler for 3 years now and spend all my days searching for "value" within Horse Racing. I'm also a keen musician and love travelling around the world.
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