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Product Name: Win Each Way

Author: Lester Cavanagh

Contact Details:

Price: £47 for the first month and £17 per month after that (+ VAT)

Money Back Guarantee: Yes 60 Days

What Do You Get? Horse Racing Selection System and Qualifying Selections

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: Win Each Way is a horse racing selections system that provides an average of 12-13 bets per month at average BSP odds of 17.88.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? The site states 100 points with a 2% stake

How Much Money Can I Make? The site claims about 100 points per year

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work? If subscribing to the selections only a few minutes per evening maybe a bit longer if you try running the system yourself

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? Email, a computer, bookmaker accounts [divider]

The tipster supplies advised odds and advised stakes and it is only fair that we base the majority of our review using those criteria. The biggest draw down over the 12 month period was a 40 point run for the Each Way Betting from a high in June 2013 of almost 10 points to a low at the end of January 2014 of -29.93 points, whilst the Win Betting suffered a sustained draw down of 46 points which began at a high point of 20 points in August 2013 and finally bottomed out in March at -26 points but a sustained streak in April has seen the points for both betting approaches restored to the high points previously achieved. We calculate that a betting bank of 100 points ought to ensure that one can ride out any downturns and get back to the top of the upswing.

The Win selections Pool Impact Value of 1.58 indicates that the selections win 60% more often than their odds would suggest whilst the Each Way selections have a Pool Impact Value of 1.42 suggesting that the selections achieve a top 3 finish 42% more often than their odds suggest. Therefore there is value to be found in these selections, which is echoed by the turnaround during recent weeks.

Does this service make a profit? Over a 12 month period, it can be seen that the selections did make a profit.

Over the 12 month period from May 2013 to May 2014 the Each Way Betting made 12.69 points profit and the Win Betting made 11.53 points to Advised Odds and Stakes. To recoup the cost of the system and subscriptions you would need to return a profit of £280, to produce an extra £100 from 13 points you would need to be staking £30 per point, which seems high.

The website suggests betting a compound 2% of your betting bank. Had you started with £1000 on May 1st 2013 and bet 2% of your betting bank on each selection you would have £1070 at the end of April 2014. Therefore if you had a betting bank of £5000 and staked a compounding 2% on each selection you would have £5350 now. If you remove the cost of the service you have a gross profit of £70, a profit of 1.4%, which whilst not fantastic is probably more than you get in your current account and probably more fun too.

However, over the last few months the selections have made 32.75 points through Each Way Betting or 21 points by Win Only Betting, therefore whilst we can’t recommend this service based on the 12 month results we shall continue to proof the results and may look to review again in a few months time.

Furthermore, a decent bellweather as to the validity of a system is how it performs to Betfair SP with flat stakes. These selections performed encouragingly better at Flat Stakes to BSP with 26.5 points for the Each Way Betting and 12.8 points for the win betting. If, for example, you followed compound 2% staking at BSP on the Each Way Betting then your betting bank from £1000 on May 1st 2013 would be at £1429 on May 1st 2014, which is impressive. However, this calculation is not based on the recommendation of the website and therefore we can’t recommend this system based on these figures.

It has to be remembered that all selection systems are likely to have a losing run and whilst the draw down lasted a few months, the point deficit wasn’t really that detrimental to a sensible staking plan and betting bank and anyone who stuck with the selections would now be back in profit. I look forward to revisiting this system in the next couple of months when hopefully the selections will have recovered and the results will be more conclusive.


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  1. Regarding the wineachway system/service.
    Lester Cavanagh comes across as a nice guy, and he is while you are paying the £17 per month to have the selections sent to you. In the sales pitch he offers the system for sale with one months selections, after the first month you can pay the £17 or work out the selections yourself from the system rules. As I am retired and have plenty of time I chose to do them myself. This is a bit of a pain in the bum and I soon drifted out of the habit of doing them, but its not rocket science, just a bit boring.
    He states that if you want to do your own selections then that’s fine, but if you are not one of the paying clientele that he calls his members you are out in the cold. Its been quite a while since I bought the system and it seems that there have been quite a few tweaks, including addition of new trainers etc. I politely asked if all system owners were entitled to the updates, surely we were not expected to to buy the system again every time there are updates. My emails were either fobbed off or ignored.
    Its ok saying that £17 a month is cheap, that depends on personal circumstances.
    All the best,

  2. Hi there,

    I have to say that I agree with Rog Kay above regarding this guy Cavanagh. I to bought his Win Each Way on Michael Wildings recommendation simply because I was trying to find some new angle to trainers in general and I thought it would be worth a try. I think the figures speak for themselves. It may at last be showing a profit but that is only because he has added other trainers and done some tweaking.

    He sent me a few emails saying it had been updated and that when it was ready he would lets his original buyers have the updates free of charge because he didn’t them to have to pay again for something that wasn’t working as it should, or words to that effect.

    I contacted him as an original buyer and he then asked for proof of payment etc. I sent him the copies of invoice and proof of payment but alas that is the last I have heard of him. In one of his emails he described himself as a ‘tight Yorkshire man’, It is my belief that he should be ashamed to call himself a Yorkshire man. It is the likes of him who let the rest of us down by unsavory methods of doing business.

    I am also disappointed with Michael for having anything to do with the likes of these guys.

    I am perhaps one of the lucky ones, I am not talking through my pocket as I can study form to a reasonable standard.

    I have no wish to hear from anyone hawking such crap again.

    Kind regards


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