William Hill – The Bookmaker Review

Guest post written by Paul Micelli

Founded in 1934, William Hill remains as one of the most instantly recognised names in the UK betting market. They currently enjoy a deserved reputation of being amongst the most reputable bookmakers in the business and now serve customers in over 175 different countries since their operation expanded to the internet in 1998. The company are fully licensed and currently listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Although land-based outlets continue to enjoy massive success, the online capacities of William Hill are simply astounding. Websites are available in a variety of different languages and the company is able to deal with 11 different currencies at the present time.

Betting odds can be supplied in the traditional UK format of fractions although the simple-to-use platform also allows site visitors to change to decimals or US formats at the click of a button.

As well as offering competitive markets on all major horse racing, greyhound, football and other major worldwide sporting events. William Hill continuously improve their website to include a wide range of other betting mediums. Online betting enthusiasts can now enjoy one of the most visually-appealing casino websites in the world and there are also numerous options available for poker players, bingo fans and instant game devotees.

Sports betting is still a massive part of the William Hill market share and on busy weekends it is not unusual to see markets available in more than 25 different sports. Many punters who have enjoyed the experience of land-based William Hill outlets now choose to enjoy the convenience of placing bets from the comfort of their own homes and the number of different markets available on a single event is significantly increased because of the ease of online operation. Football enthusiasts, for example, can bet on anything from the first scorer in a game to the total number of corners that will take place.

Technical support at the site is excellent and you have access to telephone call centres, e-mail support and live assistance through an instant messenger system. The extensive detail of the William Hill site provides a complete marketplace for casual punters and serious gamblers alike. However, it is the excellent introductory offers that continue to see their customer base grow.

Current promotions see the William Hill site offering a free £25 bet being offered for all matching first-time wagers in sports betting events. Bingo players can also enjoy a £25 bonus by depositing just £10 into a new account and poker buffs can enjoy massive new player bonuses of up to £400 based on initial deposits and playing time. William Hill also offer a best odds guarantee on all UK and Irish racing events.

One of the biggest recent improvements on the William Hill site is the addition of live racing streams. By placing a minimum bet of just 50p on a single race, sports betting enthusiasts can watch live coverage of their chosen event including pre-race parades and post-race interviews with jockeys and trainers.

To get a free £25 bet at William Hill then please use the link below.

Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. Without trying to sound disrespectful , the bottom line with William Hill or any other bookie is it doesn’t matter how fantastic their website is or what services they offer…IF YOU HAVE A WINNING ACCOUNT THEY WILL CLOSE YOU DOWN.

  2. I don’t see the point of this review. It reads more like a promotion.

    Useful information about bookies should include their tolerance of pro bettors or people obviously using a betting system(s).

    How many time in succession they will let you win, how much they will let you withdraw versus deposits. If they withdraw BOG, how much they limit bet sizes below the max if they don’t like your account profile etc.

    For example, I thought that Stan james was fairly tolerant of pro-bettors. But they caught me arbing at £400 per book on a 6 runner race.
    They withdrew BOG from me and now when I try to bet even as little as £10 they offer a reduced stake (£6.60 yesterday). But I have stakes reduced from a requested 340 to an offered £3.20 even on quite big races with lots of liquidity.

  3. I would like to know what relevance the above article. It’s just an advertisement for Hills. Surely you could find something useful for a change.

  4. Ian’s comments are important for those people that buy systems. Most system marketeers suggest that if you bet £100 a day or some other figure then you will make £,000 per month etc. The fact that, apart from the exchanges, winning bettors(read winning systems) cannot happen via the bookies this means that even if the system is any good it is unlikely that high winnings can be achieved.

    William Hill are not the only bookies that restrict your bets

  5. Bookies will restrict you and/or adjust odds offered if you are a winning player. Unfortunately I know of no way around this except by careful bet placing and using exchanges.

    I understand your concerns about how this review does not address the issues it should and I agree but did not see this before I published it. I will make sure that if I decide to publish any more bookmaker reviews in the future these issues are answered.

  6. I could not disagree more with your review.

    Hills like Coral and Ladbrokes are the unacceptable face of bookmaking.

    They NEVER give 5 places on large field handicaps, eg: Hunt Cup, Stewards Cup etc.
    David Hood their joke of a PR man incredulously stated after being asked why this was that “it was our clients want”

    They also have joke restrictions on stakes, try and gt more than £20 on a pricewise horse.

  7. HI every one have just joined and some of the above comments ring so true,this has been my first year as a full time backer i have done OK so far ROI 36% .My bets are all win singles in hcaps,all my own work and i often attempt to take bog hours before the off.

    So hardly fitting the profile of what the bookmakers so comically term unfair business,yet i now have to place the majority of my business on BF,Because of the bookmakers making it awkward.

    Any other business who behaved in this way would have all sorts of trouble rained down on them yet our great bookmakers consistently get away with selective interpretation of thier rules to suit themselves.

    The RACING POST who arguably has the clout to raise these issues,keeps its head down,preferring to except/protect its ample slice of the bookmakers huge advertising budget.Of course we no from published figs that the vast majority of backers do not face this problem,but to any of those reading this i would suggest it should also be of concern to you as if you do not profit at present most likely your long term objective will be to do so ?.

  8. Most successful punters invariably end up getting their derriers punched in, by bookmakers who detest their ability to pick winners with consistency.A fact that even Clive Holt encountered in England…..PRINCE

  9. One thing which i cannot understand about the whole sorry situation is that IF a bookmaker thinks you are such a good judge why not welcome your business and use your knowledge/work to advantage.

    Perhaps these days most bookmakers are run by accountants,or could it be that Bookmakers are such because they are unable to make it pay from taking the odds,and are unwilling to belive that anyone can succeed where they have failed ?.

  10. Sounds like there is a business opportunity for a betting brokerage. BetBrokers I thought was the answer, but for some reason they went out of business. Strange as I thought as they only placed bets for their members

  11. I hope this is not considered to off topic (if so then admin please move it else where)

    But i would be interested in reading members views on bookmakers/betfair.I only joined BF last NOV i started to get really wound up with bookmakers knocking me back when i tried to take thier advertised prices.

    BF make a big deal out of thier sp being better than isp but i have never seen any comparisons with bog prices.Any horse i back i keep extensive records of the prices available and so far my records show that since last NOV i would have done better with bog than BF (of course thats assuming i could get on).

    I do not like the commission charges or the way they implement them,also apart from the big meetings there is very little liquidity in the pre noon markets.The plus side is that as far as i can ascertain they do want you to win,and you are not made to feel like some kind of crook when you do.

  12. I contacted WH about the live coverage

    “pre-race parades and post-race interviews with jockeys and trainers”

    however they had no idea what I was going on about. Is this really true?

  13. That wouldn’t surprise me Chris. I took a look at the BetBrokers website and it seems that it has been taken over by somebody and restarted but they don’t give any information about their service at the moment.
    Michael, the thing about Betfair is that they don’t care who wins and who loses because they take their cut from the winning side of every bet matched. I have been betting through BF for a long time now and have not used bookies for a long time either but I have heard if you can get on at morning odds you will very often get better prices.

  14. This betbrokers looks interesting first i knew of them,has anyone had any dealings with them?

  15. I placed two winning bets with Wm Hill via their text service.Bets were timed at 4 minutes and 1 minutes before the official off time.Wm Hill refused to honour these bets,texting me they did not receive the texts until 3 minutes after the race.After I sent them proof of my texts,they agreed I had texted the bets in good time, theystill refuse to honour the bets blaming my mobile provider for the delay.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Peter. That’s the first I’ve heard of a bookmaker blaming the mobile provider. It is possible there was a delay from the mobile provider, that does happen but still if you sent in before that they should honour them.

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