Weekly Video Diary @ The Race Advisor with Alex Peperell

This week’s round-up…

Alex Peperell

I’m an avid horse racing fan who often has his head in the form book. I have been properly into racing and thoroughly extending my knowledge of the sport for the last 3 or 4 years and it doesn’t matter if it’s the flat or jumps, I’ll watch it. I write and talk to anyone that will listen and feature on a few different racing websites and the odd magazine. Always learning, love a bet and constantly looking for the next winner.


  1. please can you tell me which horses is going to win today and which race around 2.45pm please as I have £10 only to put food on the table pay my direct debt and try to pay my respects to my brother who died so £20 for that and my dog needs to go to the vets so I need a defo very very please.

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