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What’s the biggest thing stopping you making a fortune from betting?

>> If the problem is you can’t find long-term profits, a great new tool can help with that.

>> If your problem is the bookies making it impossible, this great new tool can help with that too.

It’s called the 15 Minute Method.

This incredible strategy is so new it’s launching TODAY.

And we wanted you to be the first to know.

When we asked you guys the issues you have in betting today, there was an overwhelming response…

The bookies.

Lots of you have had your accounts restricted to the point that betting is pointless.

Or, worse, shut down entirely.

So this new method doesn’t use traditional bookmakers AT ALL.

Bye bye, bookies!

Bye, bye frustration!

This is a bright new dawn.

No more bookies. No more harsh restrictions. No more limits.

And, as the name suggests, very little of your time taken up.

But you WILL be making a profit.

And lots of it.

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The betting system that can revolutionise your betting.

Without the bookies.

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    1. Hi Martin,

      It’s a system that allows you to develop your own “tissue” which is the same way the bookie prices up a book. With the information you’ll discover, you’ll be able to price up your own book and gain an advantage in the market. £37 makes it available to anyone serious about learning the techniques of pricing up their own book.

      Hope that helps and let me know if you have any further questions.

  1. Why is it that only a few weeks ago you were promoting the alpha system by Miles Johnston for £80.40 inc. vat which appears to me to be the same i.e.developing your own tissue price and Yours is only £44.40 inc vat. Carrying on from the question above re. money back guarantee on this occasion I think one should be in place, my reasoning being that I understand that you cannot give an example of how it works or you’ll give the show away so for this reason only I think there should be a guarantee. I would not walk into a shop and part with £44,40 or £80.40 for that matter and buy a box full of, this is what it does but you don’t know how to do it untill you buy it but it works, but if your not happy with it your stuck with it, so give me the money open the box and good luck.

  2. In fairness anyone can create a tissue – simply a formula in a spreadsheet. What matters is what data is used to create the rating that goes into the tissue formula. I’d be interested to now what we get for the money – is it the formula? Is it the data that goes into the formula? Is that data proven to be more accurate (once processed) than the bookmakers?

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