Van Der Wilding

We’ve spoken a lot recently about the Van Der Wheil since we launched a leading piece of software for using it.

However, what we haven’t spoken about much is Van Der Wilding.

This is an approach that Michael Wilding, the founder of the Race Advisor, created and used to excellent effect.

Since he wrote about it, over 3750 people have read the two parts to the strategy.

The question is…

What the heck is the Van Der Wilding strategy?

The answer to that lies in this blog post…

Van Der Wilding: A Horse Racing Betting Strategy

And once you’ve read that, you’ll probably want to read the second part, and you can do that at:

Van Der Wilding: A Horse Racing Betting Strategy Part 2

All the best,

The Race Advisor

P.S. If you want to make the whole thing easier, you should check out our awesome Van Der Wheil software here.

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