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There are a number of systems for betting on horse racing in the UK that even beginners can use. These systems are often explained in Ebooks that are purchasable online. Let’s take a look at a few of these systems.

The Value Horse Method

An eBook called “The Value Horse Method,” by Neil Smith, claims to be able to help novice bettors find what the author calls value horses. These are horses that have high betting odds and yet have a more substantial chance of winning than these odds reflect. This allows a bettor to really cash in on the horses when they do win or place. Smith claims that there is no racing experience required and that within a few days using his system a total novice can begin picking value horses. The customer feedback on this system is generally positive.

The Legacy System

This eBook by Stan Hibbert gives advice on how to pick horses with odds of evens or better in certain racing situations. Again, it is marketed to novices and experienced racers alike. Customer feedback tends to suggests that this horse racing method works to a moderate degree. One user tested the system and found that it gave a return on his investment of 9.7%.

My Mathematical Formula

My Mathematical Formula by MD MacLean from 2006 claims to be able to make large profits for people interested in horse racing. The system claims to do away with level stakes – the practice of having a large amount of money set aside on which you receive a relatively small return on investment. The author shows how to pick win, place, and show horses and receive a much higher return.

Sure Seven Betting

This eBook is by Shawn Jacobs and claims to be able to give its user an 86.5 win percentage. This eBook’s sales site is one of those web pages that have a long and rambling sales pitch that makes claims of big potential earnings. The name derives from the fact that it uses a 7 step betting system for UK horse races.

Pro Betting Systems

Pro Betting Systems is by Malcolm Pet and Steve Ashley. This is a kind of compendium of racing systems. 18 such systems are included in the book. The authors thus promise that there is “something for everyone.” The system can be used to place bets on UK horse racing as well as in many other gambling spheres and sports. Customer feedback seems fairly positive for this book. Its main selling point is that it is a collaborative effort from a number of industry experts and thus is not an attempt to force any one particular system.

If you are interested in UK horse racing and are a beginner, or perhaps are already experienced but are not making the kind of winnings you want to make, a horse racing system may be for you. You don’t have much to lose by at least trying out a certain system (as long as you don’t risk too much money initially, as mentioned below) so take some action to get yourself better educated and increase your aresenal of strategies by checking out some horse racing system books or eBooks. 

Note: Use caution when trying out these various horse racing systems on UK racing. It’s best not to risk large amounts of capital at the outset, but rather start out more slowly and see if a system begins to make reasonable money. Then you can move on to progressively larger amounts if you feel that’s the right thing to do.

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