Transform your betting in ONE step!

The answer is simple.

I learnt from the best.

No one is a betting mastermind overnight.

And no one can get rich without knowing what they’re doing.

But by reading the latest news from the greatest minds in the field can certainly speed things up.

That’s why I cannot recommend SmartSigger enough.

It’s the No1 magazine for people who want to make money out of the bookies.

(Yep, that’s all of us here, then.)

Not a month goes by without some incredible insight that improves my performance.

And it can boost your betting, too.

If you’ve read SmartSigger before, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s got a great new look and a fantastic new line-up…

>> The Stat Man: Andy Newton has everything you need to know about the month’s big races.

>> Masterclass: John F Jackson explains some of the most advanced betting techniques around.

>> Ron Robinson: Horseracing’s connoisseur now has his own brilliant page.

>> Racing Insight: Ricky Taylor has incredible analysis that can make bettors serious cash.

>> Alex Pepperell: Tips and tricks on everything from form reading to deep strategies.

>> Stats Lab: John Burke has an interesting angle on horseracing – and how to exploit it.

All that costs just £5.25 a month – or, even better, £14.25 a quarter.

For that tiny price, you can transform your betting.

Join the winners’ club and subscribe to SmartSigger today.

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All the best,

The Race Advisor

Race Advisor

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