Top Tips to Maximise your Football Accumulator Bet

Guest post written by Paul Micelli

Even though the demise of the old ‘Pools’ system has led to an increase in football bets being placed with online and land-based bookmakers, many bettors baulk at backing their favourite sides because of the low odds on offer for individual teams. However, football accumulators allow the speculative punter to bet on as many teams as he wishes as a means of attracting a potentially massive payout.

These days, football accumulators provide plenty of betting interest, particularly with casual gamblers who simply want to enhance their entertainment on a Saturday afternoon. Indeed many football grounds now have bookmaking outlets on site as a means of generating additional match day revenue from attending supporters. Bookmakers have a certain affinity with football accumulator bets because the chances of having to make large payouts are significantly reduced every time an additional team is added to a coupon. Although an accumulator usually refers to bets with 4 or more teams, many casual bettors choose to back several more.

However a large number of sports betting enthusiasts are beginning to adopt a series of stringent rules when they indulge in football accumulator betting. By tightly controlling their selections, many gamblers are now edging the odds back in their own favour. Discipline is vitally important and bettors should never consider adding a team to an accumulator bet that was originally ignored when potential selections where first being reviewed. The temptation to add a couple of additional sides to an accumulator in an effort to increase the potential payout is often the downfall of many sports bettors and music to the ears of your bookmaker.

Somewhat strangely, it is always advisable to avoid backing your own team wherever possible. Even if you feel that your favourite side is a sure-fire banker, the emotional involvement that goes hand-in-hand with the tension of a potentially winning bet that could yield a jackpot payout, ultimately leads to twice the disappointment if both the side and the bet fall by the wayside.

Many bettors who wager on football accumulators are tempted to add short-priced teams onto their bets as a means of adding a few pounds to a possible payout. There are a massive number of football bets that end as a screwed-up ball on the floor of your local bookmakers because a team at odds of 1/5 has been beaten by a football also-ran. Never assume that boosting your accumulator with a handful of ‘certainties’ will ultimately result in riches. The opposite is almost always the case.

Many online bookmaking services market accumulators as multiple bet forms. The newcomer to football accumulator betting should be advised that multiple bets forms and accumulators are one and the same thing. There are many investors who prefer to place wagers online because the exchanges tend to have better odds available. If every team on a football accumulator bet manages to win, online prices can significantly increase the overall payout compared to an equivalent bet at a land-based bookmaking outlet.

Michael Wilding

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