Top tips for the Cesarewitch

There are just days now before the National Hunt season flies back.

But before then, there’s a little bit of business – and a lot of money to be made – on the flat.

And we reckon the super-competitive Cesarewitch Handicap at Newmarket is one you need to be looking at.

But now to narrow down the runners?

A good place to start is the age.

Horses aged four or above have won this race in all but one of the past 15 years.

In fact, horses aged five or above have won this race in all but five of the past 15 years.

And don’t worry if their prices look a bit high either!

Twelve of the past 15 winners returned a double-figure price.

The Cesarewitch has had two 50/1 winners, including Grumeti a few years back, and two 66/1 returns in the last nine runnings.

Thought that might get your attention!

Weight carried is a key factor, too, as a massive 12 of the past 15 winners carried 9-1 or less

Anyway, there’s plenty of Cesarewitch analysis like that – in far greater detail than here – in this month’s SmartSigger magazine.

Including no fewer than 22 key trends to consider

If you’re intending to bet on that race (and it does look like a profitable one for us lot), you should check it out.

Plus, there’s all the usual incredible SmartSigger content and advice to make you big profits.

Click here to check out SmartSigger magazine – this month including the complete guide to Cesarewitch.

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  1. Smartsigger mag I would like to have but keeps saying 405 error. Thanks for any help . Going to this years cess this October so any help would be a great help , as I’m coming from turkey to see the race . Terry – Slade

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