The Problems With Laying The Draw

Laying the draw is possibly one of the most popular of all forms of laying on football matches and one of the most widely available. There are hundreds of varying Lay The Draw Systems, some of which fail to make any money whatsoever and others that are incredibly profitable.

However, there are several problems with laying the draw, many of which we will look at in the following article. Knowing these problems can help you to become more profitable in your lay the draw ventures as you work out how to eliminate being affected by these particular problems.

The Final Score Ending 0-0

When it comes to laying the draw, you would normally lay the draw and then wait for a goal to be scored so that the price increases dramatically, then you would back the draw and lock in a profit. However, if there are no goals then the price doesn’t move much and you will find yourself only just securing a profit of pennies, if anything and after commission is taken…you’re not going to be left with an awful lot of money.

Having the final score ending 0-0 doesn’t have to be a disaster, but it is certainly not something you would want to celebrate. There are in fact some instances where you can back the correct score at 0-0 which will help you to avoid this situation completely. It will affect your profit overall, but it can also help to reduce a lot of the risk involved in laying the draw.

Goals Being Scored at the Wrong Time by the Wrong Team

When laying the draw, as mentioned already, you are often waiting for the odds to increase dramatically from a goal – This tends to happen when the favourite scores as the likelihood of the underdog coming back to equalise is slim and you therefore can lock in a larger profit.

If the underdog is the first to score, sometimes the odds won’t even change that much. Take for example Manchester Utd Vs Reading, imagine is Reading were to score first then the likelihood of Manchester Utd bringing it back for the draw is likely and therefore, odds are unlikely to increase much if at all. That is why the underdog scoring first can be a bit of a disaster for your laying the draw system.

The first thing you can do is pick a game where the two teams are fairly evenly matched as the odds will change no matter which side scores. However, what you can also do is pick a team with clear favourite and then back the underdog for a small stake to reduce a loss if the underdog scores.

Equalising Goals

When a goal is initially scored, the market will take a little time to establish the change in prices so you won’t be able to green up instantly after a goal – The problem with this is that an equalising goal could be scored even before the market has reestablished itself causing you to miss the chance to secure a profit.

Unlike backing 0-0, it is hard to back all the potential equalising goals. Because you are laying the draw, you cannot exactly back the draw at the same time. The likelihood however of an equalising goal coming minutes after the initial goal is slim.

Late in the Game Goals

It depends how strict you are with yourself, but there are some agonising instances where you will trade out for a loss so you can minimise those losses and then moments later a goal is scored and you COULD have walked away with a tidy profit. There isn’t really a problem with late in the game goals if you are tough and know that there will be another chance to green up. However, if you’re new to trading and laying the draw then it can be heartbreaking knowing you’re ‘thrown away’ a lump of profit.

The thing with late goals is not getting affected by them. If your lay the draw system involves trading out for a loss if you haven’t profited by the 60th minute then you must stick to it. And when it comes to the next match, do not ‘fall in the trap’ of not sticking to your system and hanging on, hoping for a late goal.

The Huge Popularity of Laying the Draw

Some experts, not all are actually worried that, because the laying the draw method has become incredibly popular, the prices are higher to lay than normal and lower to back when the trading after a goal occurs which leads to small profits and greater risk. I’m not convinced with this, but if ‘experts’ think it then it’s worthy of being on our “Problems with Laying the Draw” list.

To avoid this, you can look at some of the lesser known markets – Look at leagues in Norway, Romania, Sweden, Brazil and so on… You don’t necessarily need to stick to laying the draw on the English leagues.

You might be put off with laying the draw now, but don’t be! It is still a profitable and fairly simple way of making money from the football on betting exchanges.

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