The Definitive Guide to Betting on Horses

From small beginnings in 2000, with matched bets of just £3,462 on the Oaks and Derby, to more than £23 million traded on a cricket match in January 2005, Betfair, the dominant exchange, can now arguably be called the world’s largest internet betting site.

Punters, professional and casual, love it. And what’s more, bookmakers hate it!

The Definitive Guide To Betting (on the exchanges) was one of the first educational books I ever bought, when starting out as a professional bettor, back in 2006. Although that was over 12 years ago, this book still has some impressive nuggets of great betting information.

It sits proudly at the front of my bookshelf, and is decidedly dog- eared from the thousands of times I’ve referred to it.

From understanding percentages, to finding out the true meaning of the widely misunderstood concept of value, this book will turn you into a betting expert within a couple of hours.

You’ll struggle to put it down!

Fully updated edition of the ground-breaking look at horse-race betting, first published in 2004. The Definitive Guide to Betting on Horses is crammed with the expert views of many of the Racing Post journalists. Among the gems included are: the winning approach to betting on the Classics and the big festivals by Pricewise (Tom Segal); the types of races and horses that are best for betting by the Racing Post handicappers, consistently the most successful tipping team; how to spot a potential winner by senior Racing Post race-reader Graham Dench; a complete guide betting exchanges and how to make them pay by top Racing Post betting editor Paul Kealy; the importance of speed figures by expert Nick Mordin; plus a full breakdown of the effect of the draw, how to find value, a guide to spread betting, bets to avoid, betting systems and how they work, and much more.

You Can Pick Up A Revised and Fully Updated Version Here

Eddie Lloyd

I have been a professional gambler for 3 years now and spend all my days searching for "value" within Horse Racing. I'm also a keen musician and love travelling around the world.
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