The Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting on Golf

When it comes to Betting on Golf, there are a range of both advantages and disadvantages and that is what we are going to look at today. Some people will not touch the golf markets, maybe because of their lack of knowledge and delving into the unknown… Hopefully after giving this article a read, you will have a little more confidence in having a dabble with Betting on Golf.

Advantage #1 of Betting on Golf – It’s PERFECT for Trading

This has got to be the number one advantage to Betting on Golf, the ease of trading. Trading, as you are probably well aware, is the process of backing an outcome at high odds and then laying it at lower odds to then secure a profit.

So why is golf so perfect for trading? Because it’s long term! With a long term even such as golf, the odds can changed dramatically over time. You will see favourites come and go throughout the competition and this is something you need to learn to spot. If you can spot when a golfer isn’t going to perform so well, or if you can spot a pattern in the way they play then you can easily trade out and lock in a lot of profit for yourself.

Advantage #2 of Betting on Golf – High Odds on Favourites 

The odds of a favourite on the football are usually around the 1.60 mark, the odds for a favourite in a horse race are generally hitting the 2.5 mark. So what about golf… The odds for a favourite in a golf tournament are often around the 5.5 mark. Yes… That high!

The great reason that this helps you, as someone who is betting on the golf, is that it makes trading easier. If you can back at high odds such as those on the favourite, then the chances of seeing those odds drop is great and therefore trading out for a profit becomes easy.

Advantage #3 of Betting on Golf – Lots of Outcomes to Bet on

Golf tournaments will generally have upwards of 20 golfers – This is only a good thing because it gives you a lot of markets to trade out on. Having all these markets at your disposal means you can always find value and always find ways to push your profits higher and higher and higher. Of course, you need to know how to find this value, but once you know how, it all becomes easy.

By having a lot of outcomes, you will usually be able to find a golfer who’s odds are trending in a particular way, whether positive or negative. This would then give you an idea of what the odds will do and you can therefore trade them quickly to lock in a small profit. It’s trades like this that make golf betting so lucrative.

Disadvantage #1 of Betting on Golf – Not for Fast Profits

Bet on a horse race and it’s over in a minutes, bet on a football match and it’s over in 90 minutes. Bet on a golf tournament and you will be waiting weeks for a return. If you’re looking to turn a super fast profit from your betting, then perhaps Betting on Golf isn’t for you. With golf, it’s not about throwing money on it and hoping to see a profit, it’s about playing the market… Seeing where the prices will drop and where they will rise. That is why our fast advantage was it’s perfect for trading as already explained.

Disadvantage #2 of Betting on Golf – Odds can be Deceiving

This is something you could say for any sport – But especially so with golf in my opinion. The problem with golf is there are the ‘celebrity golfers’ whom everyone is aware of, golf fanatic or not.  Most notably, Tiger Woods, who when playing a tournament will nearly always be pipped as a favourite or a second favourite. The problem here is that the odds will be low and you will often lose money on these wrongly priced favourites.

When it comes to golf, you’re always better off looking at the lesser known golfers where the value is to be had. You need to treat your betting as a ‘mathematical formula’ and not as a ‘sport.’

So there you have your three advantages to Betting on Golf and your two disadvantages. As you can see, the advantages certainly do outweigh the disadvantages – Not only because there are more of them, but also because of the reasons for them being here on the list.

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