The 5% Pro Cumulative Staking Plan – Ignoring this WILL cost you!

Guest post written by Peter Sackville

There is much advice from many sources on a daily basis when it comes to horse selections and those that are given out as tips. Consider however that a professional staking plan is what separates most punters from success.  Using the right staking plan can help to turn a hobby in to a second income and should be considered essential.

Many amateur punters lose sight of the importance of a great staking plan. This alone can separate the men from the boys, and if you are still seeking the very best staking plan in the world then your search is over.

Firstly, without any shadow of a doubt you should never use a staking plan that recommends increased stakes AFTER losses! This method of betting really is the quickest way to losing an entire bank and heading to the poorhouse. When losing runs happen, they can very often manifest themselves in to strings. Strings of losses when using any type of ‘chase your losses’ staking plan will lead to disaster.

What you actually require to remain in the game, long term whilst maximising profits and minimising losses is a staking plan that correlates to the size of your betting bank. One that increases as you win and decreases should you lose.

This idea can help to sky rocket any profits made when betting on horse racing, or indeed any other sport besides. So how can a staking plan like this work?

Work out the total gross sum of your betting bank, whether £200 or £2000 calculate exactly what 5% of your bank is. In this case we are going to use the example that the betting bank is £2000.

Therefore: 2000 / 20 = 100. So 5% of a £2000 bank is £100.

This 5% value is the pure and absolute maximum that you will EVER bet on an outcome in any chosen race or event. It is now also the amount you will bet on every investment, no more no less.

No matter how many wins or losses you have, if you stick to a maximum of 5% your bets will decrease in size when you lose, but more importantly if your results are good can exponentially increase your gains when you win!

The difference between this and the classic level stakes plan can be huge. Look below for an imaginary bank, one that uses level stakes and the other the 5% maximum pro bet!

Level stakes 1 point win start £2000                                                                         5% Pro bet start £2000

WIN@ 9/4           +£225                    £2225                                                    WIN@ 9/4  +£225               £2225

WIN@ 3/1           +£300                    £2525                                                    WIN@ 3/1  +£334               £2559

WIN@ 5/1           +£500                    £3025                                                    WIN@ 5/1  +£640               £3199

This very basic model shows that within three winning strikes the 5% plan has produced to the nearest pound an increase in betting bank of around 5% from level stakes! If you can imagine over a period of one or two years how much that could end up creating on your bottom line profits then you now know why this is the best staking system bar none and one of the most valuable staking plans you could ever adopt.

This plan not only works well for actual potential profit returns, it helps psychologically. Many punters when hitting a losing streak become negative and fearful of their next bet. This alone can be one of the worst scenarios and I am sure one, that most amateur punters can relate to. This concise staking plan helps to give you the confidence that you need when betting. You are always in the know that you really are betting well within your limits.

So long as your study and selections are reasonable and bets that you wholeheartedly want to place. Then you are in the ideal situation of not only betting within your means but doing so with the confidence that you are maximising any potential returns. It does not get any better than this, ignoring this investment strategy really could cost you dear over the coming years!

Peter Sackville is a successful professional punter and now author of many unique articles online. Peter is intent on sharing the information others may need in order to take their betting to the next level and make it pay. Realising that so many of the most important basics are often overlooked by a majority of amateur punters,  Peter has recently teamed up with others to form Members are able to contact him directly and he is always willing to share his knowledge and the many years experience gained from betting on horse racing.

Michael Wilding

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  1. Hello Peter,

    Many thanks for your article. I have recently begun to use this 5% of bank staking method on my systems and your article has cinfirmed i am doing the correct and sensible think.


    Richard Abbott

  2. I prefer the “Original Retirement Staking Plan” that was devised many years ago. In this stakes are ratcheted up after each loss but in a very controlled way, This ensures that when a winner next comes along the winning returns are maximised and this also helps to recover some of the money lost on the previous losing bets. The skill comes in choosing the right ratchet and this depends on your average strike rate. The higher the strike rate the higher you can ratchet up and vice versa. With the 5% plan outlined in the article the stakes are always reducing during losing runs, so that when a winner comes along the amount won is not maximised. This is only my opinion, others may find different staking plans to their own particular liking. The only certain thing is as you say, if profits are to be maximised and betting banks protected a good reliable staking plan is necessary.

  3. Excellent post. I have been using 3% of
    my BB compounding each day which means I
    will double my BB afetr 24-25 betting days.

    I find it essential to use this type of
    staking if, like me, use several systems/methods
    in a portfolio of betting.

    I would also advise using seperate Betting Banks
    for each system used. It is dangerous IMHO, to use
    one betting Bank for all betting.



  4. Hi all

    i can see the merits and idea behind this staking plan,as it moves up and down
    with your bank.

    ” Roger”
    i see your point too, but i think the purpose of the 5% staking plan is that even with
    a long loosing run your still staying within your original bank long enough for the tide
    to turn.although i see your point your “retirement plan” is more geared to recuping losses but by ratcheting

    your stake upwards on all upcoming bets its bringing you closer to your bank limit
    quicker as your bank may only be $50 to $100 and if your halfway through it your in trouble, now i find the worse times for backers are When we`re Winning or Loosing as in both case we want to higher our stakes one to ride or good fortune the other to recoup losses

    so for meny of us with out the disaplin not sure we could chase looser in a controled way
    so for this i think i would give the 5% plan the nod

    1. if your bank is $100 you may as well quit before you get bored of making such little money for the time and effort you are putting in

  5. Hi, how did you arrive at the 5%? I mean is that not to be defined from the average odds of your and your strike rate? And would the 5 % rule work in other sports too?


    1. Hi Claus, although this article was a guest post I can tell you that 5% staking would require a decent strike rate, ideally of 30% or higher. However the principle stays the same with other percents and it will work in other sports.

  6. If you were betting four horses in the same race, how would you devide your 5% stake on each horse .

  7. I would split the 5% across the four horses either in a dutch bet or a 1.25% on each runner

  8. I know i’m late but after reading the above article about the 5% staking plan how do you go about placing your bets say 6 horses in different races and meetings all at once in the morning before racing starts.The winnings or losses can’t be adjusted after each result as the money has gone down.


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