That Crushing Feeling

It’s funny how things come back in fashion.

And, like a boomerang to the head, Candy Crush appears to be a thing again!

When I was in London the other day, the whole Tube carriage appeared to be playing it.

The phone craze of a few years is back.

I had to delete it after it started sucking up hours of time when I could be learning more about betting.

Because in this game you should never stop learning.

There are always new ways to beat the bookies.

So for years, I’ve been reading SmartSigger and its predecessor.

Honestly, there is no better reading material if you’re serious about betting.

There are stats and trends to read up on for big races in the month ahead.

And the articles work all the way up to fairly advanced mathematical techniques.

Something for everyone. Plus some fun from witty writers like Ron Robinson.

And now it’s been relaunched to be much easier to read.

In this launch period, subscribers will be able to trawl the entire archive too.

So jump in and give your betting a boost.

From as little as £3.92 a month, it’s incredible value.

Click here to join the winning team with SmartSigger.

All the best,
The Race Advisor

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