Stable Line Gold Review


We performed a 12 month Stableline Gold Review to see if it’s something that you would want to spend your money on. And the answer is…

Stableline Gold is a backing service that offers selections from inside contacts known to Simon Holden, and it’s managed on the Betfan platform.

As one of their high-end products, designed for larger bettors, it does come with a high price tag. The question is, do you get a good return?

We’ve been proofing this service since the 16th November 2012 and now we can see what we’ve experienced over the course of a year.

During the 12 months there have been 420 bets advised with a strike rate of 30%.

This means that there have been 126 winners.

This is a good strike rate for a predominantly backing service and, as a high-end service, it’s something we’re pleased to see.

There has been a profit of 49.93 points at advised odds to 1 unit level stakes.

That means with a yearly price tag of £597, we’d need to bet to more than £24 per unit to make a decent profit after the subscription fee.

When you join the recommended staking is almost always 10 units per bet. This means that betting £2.40 per unit and placing 10 units per bet is the same as staking £24.

But we started this review by saying it was designed for larger bettors. So…

…let’s look at larger stakes!

I’m going to assume from now on that the stake is the total bet per selection whether you are betting 1 unit or 10 units.

If you’re betting to £100 stakes then you would have made a profit of £4993 over the year. After you take out your yearly subscription you would be left with a profit of £4396.

That’s just over a 10% return on investment after your yearly subs have been taken into consideration!

In all honesty, that’s pretty damn good.

Of course, the question is…

Are the advised odds available to place your bets at?

And the answer is yes.

But – and here’s a great piece of advice – if you’d placed your bets using Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers then you would have made…

…another 10.14 units profit.

That’s an extra £1014 at £100 stakes.

Okay, so we know it’s a profitable service. Moving n it’s interesting to note that there are two bet types offered by this service, Back and Each-Way.

While both bet types are profitable to Advised Odds, it’s actually the each-way bets which create more volatility into the selections. It’s a smoother ride just following the backs even though you will lose some profit doing that.

Now I’m going to break down each of the last twelve months by profit, to 1 unit stakes, so we can see what we would be dealing with on a month to month basis.

November 2012: -8.72 points

December 2012: +15.80 points

January 2013: -3.45

February 2013: +5.43 points

March 2013: -3.63 points

April 2013: -2.51 points

May 2013: +14.32 points

June 2013: +1.03 points

July 2013: +23.38 points

August 2013: +2.94points

September 2013: +3.49 points

October 2013: -4.40 points

November 2013 (to 6th November): +6.25

As you can see from the monthly break down above, the worst month has only seen a -8.72 point loss, which is very good.

Out of the twelve months there have been five losing months, of which only two were back to back, with the biggest drawdown to flat stakes being 29.31 units.

Both of these are what can be expected from a long-term profitable betting service and are nothing unusual.

In terms of receiving the selections, as with all Betfan services, the e-mails arrive promptly between 9am and 10am with the selections, best price available and how many units to stake on them outlined clearly.

They emails are easy to read and, as we’ve already said, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the advised odds.

Race Advisor Golden Nuggets

The Golden Nuggets section is extra information about tipster services that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. This is because we not only proof their profit/loss, but we perform a large range of statistical calculations to find out other useful information.

For StableLine Gold we have these golden nuggets for you:

  • Flat staking generates a 3% higher ROI than using the advised staking. While most selections are to 10 units, not all are
  • The average odds are 6.88
  • This service has an Archie score of 81 (find out more about Archie Scores here)
  • An 80 unit bankroll should be more than enough if you’re flat staking to 1 unit

Overall StableLine Gold has made profits over a twelve month period. There have been some losing months but they are well within the expected variance of profitable betting.

This tipster comes recommended, but we would advise that you need to be betting at least stakes of £25 to generate enough profit. This would have made you a profit of just over £700 during the year for a few minutes work each day. Of course… the bigger your stakes then the more effective this service will be for you.

As a Race Advisor reader we’ve managed to negotiate a special offer with Betfan if you’re interested in joining this service. A massive 60% discount on your first three months!

All you need to get the coupon code is enter your email below and we’ll email it straight to you along with instructions on how to use it.

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You can see all our proofing for StableLine Gold here.

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** Please note that all the figures are correct at the time of writing but may have changed between then and publication.**


Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. Whilst I appreciate your review of this service, I think it is important to draw attention to the fact that ever since they have been advertising, or at least over the past year or so that I have been aware of them, they state that there are only 75 places available – check their website. Either they have not filled those places or this is a somewhat disingenuous marketing ploy to pull in customers. I don’t doubt the veracity of their claims or your proofing, but, frankly, I think 10% profit is the very minimum that one should aim for and it is something that is realistically achievable without recourse to tipsters, or so-called “inside information”, through one’s own endeavours. Best wishes, Brian

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