Another Look At Placepots

Today, as it’s the last day of Glorious Goodwood, I thought I would go back over a popular post from last year where I looked at Placepots and how best to play them. Using this technique we can half the cost of doing a perm and yet still cover all of our fancied horses.

Here’s the first bit….

The placepot is a bet where the first six races of a meeting are selected and we, as punters, have to find a placed horse in all six of those races to secure a return on our bet.

Lets begin by covering the staking of this bet and all the possible angles.

Say that you fancy two horses in each of the six races. You need to multiply how many runners you have in each leg to arrive at your final stake. In this example you would have two selections in each which would look like:

(Race 1 – 2 horses) x (Race 2 – 2 horses) x (Race 3 – 2 horses) x (Race 4 – 2 horses) x (Race 5 – 2 horses) x (Race 6 – 2 horses) = A Total Of 64 Bets

If you were to have a £1 per line bet, then this would equate to the bet costing £64. It doesn’t matter how many bets you have in each leg, you simply multiply the number of selections in each leg to find your stake. It’s possible to cover each leg with as little as £0.05p which would make the above bet, otherwise known as a perm (but different to the hair variety), would cost £3.20p. (64 x £0.05p)

The way the Tote settle the bet is to multiply the number of placed horses in each leg by our unit stake.

Let’s assume that we’re having a good day and the above bet saw us getting each of those 2 horses placed in each race. That would be 64 winning lines multiplied by our stake. So, at £0.05p this would be a total of £3.20 multiplied by the eventual dividend, which is provided by the Tote. If we’d bet to £1 stakes then it would be a total bet of £64 multiplied by the dividend.

Make sure you go through this a few times to so that you understand the makeup of the bet, because now we’re going to move onto how best to play it!

If you’ve got any questions then you can leave me a comment below ?

There’s a ton of information out there about finding the selections for a placepot, but the way I play is totally different. At first glance it may look a little bit complicated but I urge you to persevere as it’s held me in good stead and I enjoy regular profits from the bet.

The first step is the selection process.

Remember, we’re not looking for the winner here but horses that are likely to place.

Not only that but, as explained in part one, we need to be looking for horses that the market won’t be latching onto to secure our value in the bet.

However we need to consider the favourite as a way of securing our journey through the entire six races required in the bet as well.

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Eddie Lloyd

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