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The World's Toughest Horse Race

One of the beauties of being able to read books about the “sport of kings” is that we constantly learn new things!

At the end of every month, I treat myself to a special half to sit down with a cup of tea and peruse Amazon’s book section.

I can see why it’s called Amazon, thinking about it…

“The Amazon is the largest rainforest on Earth, roughly the size of the forty-eight contiguous United States”

Just the amount of books alone, never mind all the other things, is absolutely HUGE on Amazon and very befitting of its name!

Never-the-less, every time I sit down for my monthly perusal, it still amazes me the amount of choice I have when deciding on which books to choose.

I tend to buy four books a month.

My latest purchase, which I bought last month, was an absolute delight!

Thinking I knew everything about racing, I was surprised to see a book about the world’s toughest Derby.

Was this something that Epsom had failed to tell us about?

Something longer than 1 mile, four furlongs?

You bet it was (pun intended!)…

This Derby is legitimate and is run over 1,000 km.

That’s 4,970.96 furlongs!

I’m not sure there are many 3-year-old colts or fillies, that could handle that distance!!

You can see video footage of the race here…

“The Mongol Derby is the world’s toughest horse race. A feat of endurance across the vast Mongolian plains once traversed by the people of Genghis Khan, competitors ride 25 horses across a distance of 1000km. Many riders don’t make it to the finish line.”

Written by Lara Prior-Palmer, who took part in the race herself, Rough Magic takes you on her journey, as she wrestled for seven days, fought illness, dehydration and terrifying storms, to become the first woman to win the race.

She was also the youngest.

A truly inspiring read and makes you believe “that anything is possible” from start to finish.

You Can Grab Your Copy Here:

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