Midas Method 3 – Walk Through Review

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Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. The results on the video…..are they the default setting results and if so when is the optimum time to check the software for the % move in the market?

    This also suggests that it is automated betting but from your video it looks like you would have to sit and watch all the races especially if using the minutes before the off method.


    1. They are the results for the first default strategy. The guide gives instructions on when to place bets. I have to be a bit careful in these videos that I don’t give the product owners complete strategy away.

      It’s not an auto-betting software. As you say, you still have to place the bets manually and you would really need to be available to do this during the day.

      1. So would I be right in assuming that I could place bets at a reasonably set time of day for the first method and then just walk away or do those results reflect an ever changing market right up to the race off time?


  2. Thanks again for another very useful review video. Looks good, certainly worth giving the free trial a run. No questions for you, just appreciate you taking the time to give us all such a great review to work with.

  3. Hi Michael

    I have purchased this product today, where is the link for the instructions/strategies?? I have contacted Steve i am awaiting a reply. Once again thank you for spending your time doing these articles


  4. Hi Michael

    Another great walkthrough. I think you may have made a slight faux pas in copying the profit and strike rate formulae between the May and April sheets. I think the strike rate for April is about 32% but the ROI only 16%. However (assuming that the figures allow for Betfair commission) that still sounds good for selections that have already had a lot of the value sucked out of them. From your earlier review I gather that the settings are quite critical to profitability so I hope the recommended settings are clear now.

    I look forward to your next walkthrough.

  5. Hi Michael – Looking at your video

    would I be right in thinking that Midas Live compares the Bookmakers Prices to Betfair
    near the off and shows the % difference ?

    1. That’s exactly what it does David. Although the different strategies have different times when the bets are recommended and different percentages.

      1. Thanks Michael

        Can you post up a Screenshot – One minute before the off

        showing Live bookmaker odds along side BF , showing the % difference please.

        ( I don’t want to spend 47.00 if its not exactly what I want )

        Thanks again

        1. Hi David, no problem posting a screen shot of that but am at a wedding this weekend so won’t be able to do it until the beginning of next week unless I get a chance to get on the laptop before then 🙂

          1. Hi David, I took a screenshot on the 14:10 race for you at 14:09. It was set to use Will Hill as the first odds and Betfair as the second odds.

            Screenshot of Midas Method software

          2. Thanks Michael – Very much appreciated
            if you had an angle, I think it would prove very useful
            provided the odds were up to date

            0 = fancied
            + 75% = Value ?

            Thanks again David

          3. I haven’t looked at any angles outside of what the software creator recommends. The Moved column indicates the percentage the odds have moved. So -33 means the odds have dropped by 33%.

          4. – 33% = strongly fancied then or a nice 33% ARB !
            something tells me the Bookmaker Odds are a few minutes out of date.
            if they are both set at one minute before the off ?

          5. They update at regular intervals, I checked it just after 1 minute before the race. I did cross-check with oddschecker at the same time and they all looked up to date.

          6. I have now had the chance to have a look at this

            although it can’t do what I originally had in mind

            I would give it a big thumbs up 🙂

          7. unfortunately these odds comparison sites are not up to date,
            which is a shame. I can’t remember a favourite trading 30% shorter on betfair before.

            Would be nice to hear they use live feeds from W.H./Lads and Betfair

            Any chance you could post up another snapshot, maybe a race with a longer priced fav ?

            atb David ( potential customer ) 🙂

          8. I would imagine that they scrape from WHill and take a live feed from Betfair, but I don’t know so don’t quote me on that. I will try and get another snapshot at some point David, in my testing the odds seem to be not too far off most of them time. Don’t forget that the settings I have setup in the video is based on the Racing Post Forecast Odds in comparison to Betfair, not Will Hill odds, which makes all the difference when you’re talking about 30% differences.

  6. Hi Michael, just in relation to Dave’s question where you answered that it is not a automated system and that you would need to be around to put the bet’s on. Just reading through the Midas sales page, he actually makes a point about saying that he has four systems, all fully automated making life very simple for the punter.

    Have you seen this, or am I missing something? Just wanted to clear it up as I wouldn’t be able to put the bet’s on manually so the automation looked very appealing.



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