Micro-Angles – Newcastle Odds On Favourites

There are not many tracks, if at all that offer a profit with their odds on favourites but the all-weather at Newcastle can offer the blind backer a profit.

Here are the results from backing odds-on favourites –

41 winners from 61 runners

Strike Rate 67.2%

Points Profit +7.24 (to SP)

A/E 1.09

That’s not bad going for a new track but these figures won’t last long, so we suggest that you look for odds-on favourites as much as possible over the next month.

Whilst, we’re on favourites at Newcastle, it’s not just odds-on jolly’s that make a profit.

Let’s have a look at favourites in general and Newcastle quickly becomes our favourite track 😉

Since the 26th May 2016, until the present day, any favourite has scored the following stats –

42 winners from 83 runners

Strike Rate 50.6%

Points Profit +23.04 (to SP)

That’s impressive going and it looks like we need to focus on favourites at Newcastle, today. There are eight races from 17:45 onward. Let’s hope the stats can hold up!


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