Inside Zero Risk Trader Software [VIDEO]


Zero Risk Trader is a piece of software that helps you to find risk free bets.

The risk free bets are found by looking at every horse in the UK and IRE and highlighting runners where you can back the runner to win at higher odds with a bookmaker and lay it for lower odds on Betfair.

By backing high with a bookmaker and laying lower on Betfair you guarantee yourself a risk free bet. To explain this I am going to run through an example.

If you back Pass The Time with a bookmaker at odds of 18/1 for £100 and lay it on Betfair at odds of 17/1 for £100 then if the horse wins the race you will:

Win £100 x 18 = £1800 from your bookmaker

Lose £100 x 17 = £1700 from Betfair

As you can see above, you would end up with a £100 profit if the horse wins the race. If the horse loses the race then you will:

Lose £100 from your bookmaker

Win £100 from Betfair

You will have broken even. There is a commission to pay on Betfair which would have meant a small loss but you can adjust the stakes slightly to account for this and this is automatically calculated for you in the software. What makes this software unique is that it uses each-way bets instead of win bets. This gives you a bigger edge because you can take advantage of the poor odds bookmakers are forced to use on the place portions of their each-way bets to make profits when it is often not possible to otherwise.

Now that we know how the software makes risk-free bets, the question is how good is it?

Activating and logging into the software is very quick and easy and you’re providing with a complete guide on how to use it. There are a large amount of examples in the guide and if you have any questions the support team get back to you very quickly.

Once you have logged in, setting up the software for your stake levels and other requirements is the matter of just a few minutes work.

You can select the bookmakers you have accounts with so that you aren’t finding bets that you can’t place and the auto-find feature means that the software scans the market every few minutes to look for the bets.

What I particularly like about this software is that it tells you exactly how much you should be placing on Betfair and with the bookmakers. It’s automatically calculated based on your stakes and the amount of money in the Betfair market which means that you are never trying to lay off more than can be done.

Having said that, there is always the possibility that the markets have moved by the time you are placing the lay part of the bet on Betfair.

In order to use this software you must be available during the racing day. You don’t have to use it every day, if you only want to use it on Saturday then it would still work as well as if you wanted to use it every day.

You should have a well sized bankroll available to fully utilise this method. We would recommend at least £2000. This is not at risk as you are placing risk-free bets but you need this because you need to have funds in multiple bookmaker accounts and a big enough bankroll in Betfair to lay the bets off.

Risk-free bet placing generally has a lower return on investment and you can expect to be achieving between 2%-5% return on your bets which although lower than normal tipping services, considering your risk level, is excellent.

The cost is at the higher end of the spectrum but it does provide you with a low risk way of generating profits if you can use it to its maximum.

Overall this is a good piece of software which works quickly and finds risk-free bets day in, day out every single day of the week and it comes as a recommended product.


Michael Wilding

Michael started the Race Advisor in 2009 to help bettors become long-term profitable. After writing hundreds of articles I started to build software that contained my personal ratings. The Race Advisor has more factors for UK horse racing than any other site, and we pride ourselves on creating tools and strategies that are unique, and allow you to make a long-term profit without the need for tipsters. You can also check out my personal blog or my personal Instagram account.


  1. Hi I have seen trading software that does this plus greens up trades so if the horse loses you still make a profit etc.
    My concern is everybody is already doing this and prices disappear fast and like with laying horses to lose it is not as easy to make a profit as it first appears.
    The other software is more in depth, so why should we choose yours?
    Regards, John.

    1. Thanks for the comment John. First of all I want to clear up that this product is not ours, it is one we have looked at and found to do the job it is designed to do well.

      Prices can disappear fast as you say which is why you should be setup the way I looked at in my second email. This allows you to act on the selections quickly, which also takes practice as I mentioned.

      This software is not designed to place the bets for you, but to find the trades. So it wouldn’t be able to green up. It looks for place trades where you can break-even on the win and profit on the place portion of each-way bets. This is something that a lot of software doesn’t look for.

  2. Hi Michael,
    the liquidity in the place market is limited and nearer the race time bookmakers prices are in line with Betfair prices,in fact any difference tend to be the wrong way round for arbs because you would have to lay at a better price than the bookmaker
    This angle is a universal tactic of trading rather than a fresh system and as you cannot place the two bets simultaneously there is the risk will not end up zero if the price you must achieve on the lay disappears too fast.
    One way and another a lot of trading is trying to back at good price so you can lay it for definite profit but only a tiny % of traders make long term profit and I am not convinced this will deliver that without real time evidence.
    A lot of products paint a beautiful picture but when it comes to the real execution they do not work thats why they do not have a good trial period,
    regards, John.

    1. Unfortunately liquidity will always be an issue but it is significantly better than it ever used to be in the place markets. And, as you say, there will always be a possibility the markets have changed before you can get your bet on.

  3. Thanks for the Video. Really interesting. I’m fairly new to this, but am I right in thinking that the main risk that you face with this is that, because you cannot place the bets with the Bookmaker and Betfair simultaneously, the odds may change on either, or you can’t get matched on the exchange, thus turning the position from a profitable to an unprofitable one ? Is there an optimum strategy for managing this risk ?

    1. That is exactly right William. The best strategy for managing this risk is to have your screens laid out as I described in the second email and to use Betfair betting software. Get everything ready for the bet with the bookmaker, set everything up for the bet in Betfair and then submit to bookie and as soon as accepted submit to Betfair. To get on them quickly like this will take some practice as John has mentioned.

  4. I am not a fan of arbing. The sellers of these “systems” show you genuine fake screen shots of betfair accounts stuffed with thousands. Arbs are very difficult and work intensive. If you win,no matter if it is bookie or betfair when you want to TAKE OUT any profits they take UP TO 5 WORKING DAYS for it to reach your account. Then you have to move money around from one account to the next so you can continue arbing and so forth. For arbing to work you have to have the math skills of a genius and the bookkeeping skills of an accountant

    All this hard work for no more than a few percent return ?? (a few percent is if you’re lucky to catch the prices). Don’t forget Bookies have sophisticated software to catch arbers anyway. Don’t bother IMO

  5. As you say Graeme arbing is hard work. There is no doubt about it. Five working days is the standard for a lot of bookmakers although times are changing and some are processing quicker now depending on withdrawal method. Arbing is only worthwhile if you have a large enough bankroll to make big enough bets and maintain liquidity.

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