Inside the Rails – Back With A Bang!

A lot has happened in a month, after two months with nothing. Since I last wrote, racing has resumed, we had a aborted runner when Silver Imperial refused to enter the stalls, we watched the 1000 and 2000 Guineas. Then we had Royal Ascot, and finally Silver Imperial passed a stalls test. This weekend we have the Northumberland Plate and the Irish Derby, but before that, tonight (I am writing this on Friday 26th), we have a second crack at a debut run for Silver Imperial, more on that below.

Resumption of Racing

Flat racing behind closed doors seems to be going well, and we are hoping that we can soon get some owners back onto the racecourse, and then some public admission. Obviously, everything has to be done safely, racing cannot afford any bad public perception but, fingers crossed, things keep going the right way. Jumps racing is due back on the 1st July and that will be another step back towards normal fixtures, although the return of jumps comes just before a July Derby that will still seem pretty unusual!

The Lows That Accompany The Highs!

Our Anjaal flat filly, Silver Imperial, went to Kempton on 2nd June to run in a race that was won by the Queen’s First Approach who was then 2nd at Royal Ascot, so it was a hot race! Unfortunately, she was late to load, and another horse got worked-up at the start. This caused her to panic and when the time came, she refused to load. It was devastating to be sitting with a lot of new shareholders, who were having their first experience of ownership by watching their horse not race! If this was going to happen, at least it happened in June when I still have six more months to show everyone the good side of ownership, after having given them a taste of the bad to get them started!

All horses that fail to go in the stalls are required to pass a stalls test before they can run, and this meant we had to wait two weeks before fortunately one was arranged at Lambourn last Monday. We were glad to see she passed. She is now due to have another crack at making her debut at Lingfield tonight. She is an outsider, and the most inexperienced runner in the field. The favourite already looks listed class, so she is probably up against it, but we will know more if she runs. I say “if” because I will be happy if she goes in the stalls and races. Beyond that, finishing midfield would be a great starting point and better than that would leave me over the moon. Go and check how she got on and please cross your fingers that she at least ran. If she does not prove up to winning at this level, then she will need three runs to get a handicap mark, so hopefully she will be on the course again soon. I will let you know how she is getting on next month!

The Other BG Racing Horses

Our veteran chaser, Fr Humphrey is really well, and will be back running in mid or late July. My Brother is back doing three canters a day, and should be racing in a couple of weeks after that. Our last horse, Dynamic Kate, is coming back into training next week. She looks fantastic, having blossomed during her summer break.

Future Plans

I have shares available in all the horses, although if Silver Imperial runs well, those shares left will be pretty popular!

There is more information on all the horses on my website: and I also post a weekly update in there under latest news. If you have any specific questions about racehorse ownership, I would also be happy to respond to them, just drop me a note via my website contact page.

Phil Boyle

Phil Boyle has been a racing enthusiast since his teens and bought his first share of a racehorse in the early 2000s. For the last ten years, Phil has been running BG Racing Syndicates and aims to provide fun, friendly and affordable access to racehorse ownership. Phil is always happy to talk about ownership and can be contacted via his website, Phil enjoys a bet every day and uses Race Adviser’s Racing Dossier software to help him to identify his selections.
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