Here’s a profitable angle you never thought of ;)

We’re fans of ‘preferences’ here at the Race Advisor. There’s barely a week that goes by where we’re not talking about a horse’s preference for something.

But… what about trainer preferences?

This is a very rarely talked about subject and, when it is, it’s usually to do with the trainers preference for a course.

So we thought we’d look into the dark side!

Did you know that trainers have a preference for ground?

Yup, just like the horses they train, some trainers are more comfortable training horses over specific ground conditions than others.

For example…

There are trainers who’ve made returns over the last four years of 4%, 15%, 28% and even 42% just by following them on certain ground conditions.

Want to know who they are?

No problem, everything is revealed in this blog post.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

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