Handicap ratings de-mystified…

I hope that you got the chance to watch the Olympic opening ceremony last night. Whether you are happy to have the Olympics in London or not, I don’t think that anybody could deny that it was an incredible show.

Personally I am happy to have the Olympics here. Living in London, I do find that the road closures are causing some trouble, but I can live with that for a few weeks. Today I am actually not far from the road cycle racing and so will be heading down there to watch them go past and soak up some of the atmosphere.

It will be interesting to see how Goodwood is affected next week with the Olympics on. If you aren’t sure where you are going to get your selections from for Goodwood, then the Festival Specialist has put together a special offer here.

There was so much feedback from last weeks blog post with questions about handicap ratings, that this week I thought it would make sense to look a bit closer at them.

So, if you have ever wondered…

> What handicap ratings are
> How they are calculated
> Who calculates them
> Why they exist

…and any other questions. Then you no longer have to wonder. All your questions are answered here.

I am going to head off now and catch the cycling, I shall look forward to catching up with you next week.

All the best,


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Michael Wilding

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