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Product Name: Greyhound Tipster Sectional Timing
Supplier/Author: Bobby Burns
Price: Initial 7 day trial then £67.97 followed by £67.97 monthly.

Product Overview

The Greyhound Tipster provides a method of finding greyhound selections to back and lay using sectional timings from the dogs past five races. A piece of software is provided to help with the speed of finding the selections and now the selections can also be sent and bet on automatically with Auto-Tipster.


The software calculates these sectional times of the greyhounds running and then takes the settings that you have input and provides you with, hopefully, winning and laying selections.

One good thing is that the author has set the settings default at what they found to work the best over the last 5 years producing the most profitable winning & laying bets.

The entire process for finding the days selections takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Detailed Findings

The EBook that comes with the software covers all of the basics of backing and laying and everything you need to know to get the best from the software.

It explains why you make selections and how to use the information provided. This includes the authors 2 “Golden Rules” of betting on the Greyhounds.

The software that is provided has been set up so you can easily enter the parameters you require for your selections. Once this has been done the software will find the top rated win and lay selections for the day.

There are always a lot more lay selections than win ones which means that this product is better for those of you who are comfortable with lay betting. Overall the results are very good and I recorded a number of winning runs during my testing. One of the problems is that many of the selections are quite highly priced which you may have expected being a greyhound service.

I have heard of a few users who have had issues with the software. These problems are mainly to do with not allowing you to sort the selections in a different order. They are listed by the ratings and so the times of the races are not in order.

This is not really a problem as you can easily sort the selections in any order you wish by downloading the selections into Excel. Once in Excel highlight the area you want to sort and use the ‘sort data’ tab on the sheet. When you get the hang of it then it should only take a few moments to do. There is a ‘one click’ download to excel button on the software to make the process simple.

If you wish to back or lay every selection that the software produces then you will have to be prepared to spend quite a bit of time betting the selections or alternatively you could use GHB. This will then automate the betting process.

When using a bot you should be very careful about the maximum lay price that the bot takes. The reason I say this is because I actually had a price of 1000.00 taken 20 seconds before the off in one race.

So beware and ensure you set a maximum lay price.


Now this is where the fun begins and what I am sure you are all interested in.

The first set of results I am showing you are from 30 days of selections. The period was from 26th November 2009 until 31st December 2009.

A few of the results have been estimated. The bot I was using failed to place some bets. I used the official starting prices from the Racing Post and adjusted them to an estimated Betfair Price. The lay odds were increased significantly so the lay results may have been better than what I have recorded below.

Please note that I used only the top 5 rated win selections and the top 12 rated lay selections. There were some non runners, especially over the festive period.

Top 5 rated Win bets

135 Selections

33 Winners

Strike Rate 24.44%

Profit £4.00

Top 12 rated Lay bets

348 Selections

281 Losers (winners for the software)

Strike Rate 80.75%

Profit £360.02

Using the above method if you wanted to back or lay every selection that the software produced you would need to spend quite a bit of time inputting the selections. The benefit is that you have the ultimate in flexibility of your use of the selections. For those of you who don’t have the time available they also provide an Auto-Tipster. The Greyhound Sectional Timing selections are automatically loaded in when you start the software. It is then your choice how you set your stakes and whether you want to stop at a profit, place a stop loss, use various staking plans etc….It really is a fully automated set up, which only takes a couple of minutes to start running in the morning.

Auto-Tipster Results

The results I am showing you are the exact results I achieved between the 24th January and 1st March.

Please note there are quite a few days when I didn’t run the Auto Tipster as I wasn’t at my PC or other days when I started it later in the day. These are the results using real money.


155 Selections and £46.00 profit after 5% commission and using £2.00 level staking


108 Selections and £49.10 profit after 5% commission and using £2.00 level staking


The Greyhound Sectional Timing Software attached to the Auto Tipster are two very clever pieces of equipment. I really don’t want everyone to jump on board (being selfish here, sorry) due to the fact that although getting better, the liquidity on greyhounds can be quite low. If everyone is placing bets at once then prices are going to drop/rise dramatically.

The price may be quite high for some of you but if the results I have achieved are anything to go by then it is affordable.

Please note that the opinions and information expressed in this article is provided by The Betting School and is not the opinion of The Race Advisor website.

Michael Wilding

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