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It’s called The Racecourse Compendium, but it’s also a companion.

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And if you like that system, you’ll LOVE this one.

The Alpha System is a rock-solid, tried-and-tested method to getting 20/1 and 25/1 winners.

How? You may be surprised.

Race Advisor

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  1. Ah another get rich scheme that you have to part money with £67.00 this time if it was that good the so called expert would be giving it away free whilst sipping a cocktail on a beach yawn yawn pass on this one not impressed

  2. Hi, perhaps you can help? I’ve been attempting to get the free copy of “The Racecourse Compendium” to no avail. I’ve tried both from the article above and from E-mails sent by yourself on at least six occasions. Can you advise? Thanks.

      1. Thanks Michael. I will have another look. I’ve gone through them before, but it’s possible i’ve missed something. If not, i’ll take your advice. Thanks.

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