[Free Tip Inside] Nottingham Trainers

Here at the Race Advisor we’re always discussing which is the best way to find selections.

One thing all of us agree on, is that trainers can be an excellent way to find winners that the majority of punters miss.

That’s because the majority of bettors only consider a horse’s form, they don’t think about the fact the trainer also has to be on form.

After all, if the trainer’s having a bad few months, or for personal reasons get distracted from the running of their business, then their horses aren’t going to be running as well.

It turns out that there are thousands of profitable micro-angles that you can use to find selections from trainers form.

For example…

Did you know that O Burrows wins 50% of his flat turf, Class 5 races in Nottingham?

Or that if you’d bet on all his selections under these conditions over the last year you’d have made a 37.50% ROI?

To be honest, neither did we until we checked out the list of selections provided by this morning.

Oh yeah… O Burrows has a horse running today in exactly those conditions 😉

The runner is:

13:40 – Nottingham – Manthoor

To get the rest of their micro-angle trainer selections for today, you’ll have to go and get them from here.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

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