Formula One Betting – Part Two

Guest post written by Paul Micelli

If you have read my first article on Formula One racing, then you will already be familiar with a multitude of different factors that can affect race outcomes. The discerning bettor will need to be particularly studious if they aim to make profits from one of the most marginal markets in the annual sporting calendar. Before placing a bet on an individual race, there are a series of key figures that need to be evaluated:

Crucial Factors in Formula One Racing

Fuel Loads – The fuel load being carried by a vehicle will have a huge effect on the outcome of an individual race. Constructors spend millions of pounds on keeping their vehicles as light as possible so that speeds, manoeuvrability and aerodynamic qualities can be maximised. The complex scientific research that goes into making a competitive Formula One car can be wiped away in seconds if excessive fuel loads are added to the vehicle as this will just make them heavier and slower.

Fuel loads have become even more important for the current 2010 campaign because the FIA have now outlawed refuelling during a race. This has left teams with a veritable headache when it comes to establishing the correct fuel load for a full event. Too much fuel and the car will go slower. Too little, and the car will run out before it reaches the finishing line.

Qualifying – Qualifying usually takes place on the day before the actual race and bettors can glean massive amounts of information from the performances of drivers and their machines during these sessions. Irregular lap times and mechanical failure are all signs of a Formula One car struggling to meet the standards set by other constructors and it is usually best to avoid wagering on these particular entrants. Erratic driving is also another indication of a racing team struggling for consistency.

Form – As with any other sport, winning can become a remarkably frequent habit and it’s always wise to keep a cautious eye on drivers who continue to cross the line in first position irrespective of where they are racing and what the weather conditions are like. However, some drivers have excellent records at specific tracks so studying race results from previous years to establish likely candidates for victory is always advisable.

Pre-Race Interviews – Always pay attention to televisions interviews with drivers, constructors and other team members. It’s often quite easy to glean relevant information from interviews and a relaxed, smiling driver is normally one that is bristling with confidence. Clarity is key and any team that continues to talk about potential changes to the vehicle is one that probably doesn’t hold particularly high expectations for the coming event.

Conditions – Weather conditions can be particularly significant when it comes to making a betting selection in a Formula One race. As with horses, there are some drivers who perform much better in poor conditions. Sebastian Vettel is highly regarded for his ability to handle wet weather conditions and the enigmatic German has enjoyed several wins in races where heavy rain has persisted throughout.

Michael Wilding

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