Football Spread Betting For Beginners – Part 2

Guest post written by Paul Micelli

In lasts week article we looked at the advantages of spread betting, how you can get started and why football betting is a good sport to spread bet on.

Supremacy Betting on Football

The Supremacy Bet is usually available on all televised matches although most online sports spread betting companies will offer a market on any match within the top two tiers of the English game. Punters should note that it isn’t possible to enter or leave a non-televised match once the game has begun. The Supremacy bet focuses on the team that the bettor believes will win a match and the margin by which they will win.

As an example, if Chelsea is playing Arsenal at Stamford Bridge in a televised game and the home side are being offered at 0.7 to 1.0 goals over the away side. If the sports betting enthusiast expects Arsenal to spring a surprise, they might choose selling Chelsea supremacy at 0.7 for £50 a goal. Effectively, this would mean that Chelsea HAVE to win for the punter to lose as Arsenal now have a head-start of 0.7 goals. This will lead to a number of permutations in terms of results, returns and losses:

  • A drawn game would result in profits of £35 (0.7 x £50)
  • Chelsea wins 3-1 with supremacy of +2 over Arsenal. With Chelsea sold at 0.7, the punter loses £65 (2 – 0.7 = 1.3 x 50)
  • Arsenal wins 4-1 with supremacy of +3 over Chelsea. With Chelsea sold at 0.7, the punter wins £185 (3 + 0.7 = 3.7 x 50)

Naturally, stakes can be as high or low as the sports betting enthusiast prefers. The decimal range of 0.7 to 1.0 also offers more flexibility in betting but can also lead to higher losses. Bets on televised games can be bought or sold at any time during the match.

Betting on Football with the 25 Index

The 25 Index is one of the most simple spread betting formats and these bets are available on all live games irrespective of whether they are televised or not. All winning teams are awarded 25 points while the losing side are awarded 0 points. If a game is drawn, both sides are awarded 10 points each.

Using Chelsea and Arsenal as examples again, the index may have offered Chelsea at 15 to 17 with Arsenal at 9 to 11. If the sports betting enthusiast expects Arsenal to win, they could buy at 11 or, alternatively, they could sell Chelsea at 15. In this instance, the stake will be £10 per point. Either way, the sports betting enthusiast would win if there was an outright result in favour of Arsenal:

  • Arsenal win and 25 points are awarded for the victory.  Arsenal are bought at 11 so £140 is made (25-11 = 14 x £10)
  • Arsenal wins so Chelsea is awarded 0 points for a defeat. Chelsea are sold at 15 so £150 is made (15 – 0 = 15 x £10)

If the game had ended in a draw, the punter would have lost on both bets. Both sides would have been awarded 10 points for the draw:

  • Arsenal bought at 11 points. 10 points are awarded for the draw. A loss of 1 point equates to a total loss of £10
  • Chelsea sold at 15 points. 10 points are awarded for the draw. A loss of 5 points equates to a total loss of £50

Michael Wilding

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