The deadliest meal at McDonald’s is…

I’m a real child of McDonald’s.

I was born six years after the first one opened in the UK.

And I grew up in the 90s when their numbers hit 1,000 restaurants.

Basically, I’ve been to Maccy D’s a fair few times!

So I was interested to read on Lifehacker what the highest-calorie meals are.

No surprise, the Big Mac is in there, weighing in at 540 calories.

And the decadent double Quarter Pounder with Cheese will gain you 740 calories.

But mamma mia, I wasn’t expecting this.

The triple thick Chocolate Milkshake slams them all, with a whopping 1,160 calories.

Basically, drink one and that’s half your daily recommended calories out of the window.

Tastes good though, right?

Well, here’s something else you’re going to like.

And the only pounds it’s going to make you put on are found in your wallet.

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All the tracks – and all the information you need – in one handy guide.

It doesn’t list whether there’s a McDonald’s nearby each one, but I bet there is.

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And let’s get making money!

All the best,

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