• Feb- 2021 -
    2 February

    Inside the Rails – Two Runs Down, One To Go

    The first month of 2021 is in the books, and while we have some vaccine rollout and some light at the end of the tunnel, it seems unlikely that we will have spectators at the Cheltenham Festival this year, which will be a real shame. On a personal basis, I am looking forward to the time when owners are allowed…

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  • Jan- 2021 -
    19 January

    The Crazy Magic Of Horse Racing Winners

    It Pays Off Handsomely!Ian Philips Over +120 Points Profit This Weekend!Andre Your Endless Energy And Enthusiasm Has Been A Real Tonic And Taken Me On A Journey To Successful Profitable BettingGraham Mitchell 88% Win Rate… Over +1000 Points Profit!James Black These are some of the kind words that I’ve received recently as testimonials from Race Advisor Pro members. Reading them,…

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  • 3 January

    Horse Racing Syndicates In 2021: How They’re Going To Work!

    Lots of us will be happy to see the back of 2020 and will be hoping that 2021 is a big improvement! I’m particularly hoping that members of horse racing syndicates are able to enjoy visiting more racing. I must say, it seems unlikely improvement will be seen in the early weeks, as restrictions seem to be tightening and, unfortunately,…

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  • Dec- 2020 -
    31 December
    Tracking Horses

    Successfully Tracking Horses (A Regular Punters Authentic Guide)

    Guest post by John Waters Do you know how big Racing is in the British Isles? On a quiet day in the UK there are, perhaps, 4 race meetings. This means a total of 350 runners per day! And… this is over 363 days (COVID-19 allowing). Add in the increased numbers running on Fridays, Saturdays, Festivals and in Ireland, and…

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  • 24 December

    UNCOVERED: The King George VI Horse Race Winners 2020

    If you want to enjoy a horse race, then Boxing Day is (in my personal opinion) one of the best horse racing days of the year. I love the King George VI race, and usually I would do an analysis of it the Boxing Day morning. But this year’s been a bit different. So… I figured… Let’s do a really…

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  • 16 December

    Building Your Own 24/7 Betting Bot (Using A Raspberry Pi – Episode #3)

    In episode three of the series, we get betting bot software installed onto the Raspberry Pi. This puts us in the position of having a computer that is running 24/7, connected to our home internet, that we can log into from anywhere, which has a betting bot running on it. The software that you voted for in the last episode…

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  • 2 December

    Building Your Own 24/7 Betting Bot (Using A Raspberry Pi – Episode #2)

    Everything is running smoothly in Episode #2 of building your own 24/7 betting bot. A few lessons have been learned: 1) You will need a Windows computer, USB Mouse and USB keyboard to setup your Raspberry Pi. 2) You will need a Micro HDMI display cable, the other end should be VGA or DVI whatever your monitor takes. Make sure…

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  • 1 December

    Inside the Rails Spectators Back At The Races

    Another month of lockdown is almost behind us in England. It seems that there will be some spectators back at the racecourses in the coming days, in what was a surprise change in policy. It will of course depend on the local restrictions in the area where the course is located and is subject to change, but with an increase…

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  • Nov- 2020 -
    30 November

    The Ayr 13:35 Horse Race Analysis Sneak-Peek (Do You Think This Horse Will Win?)

    It’s Monday, lockdown is easing (for some people), and it seems like horse racing may get spectators back soon. What better way to start the week than by analysing a horse race! I’ve chosen to focus on the Ayr 13:35, a Class 4 Hurdle race being run over 3m 70y. There’s a prize fund of £3,769 and the ground at…

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  • 18 November

    You’re Broken, and It’s Stopping You From Winning On Horse Racing

    Ever wondered how some people can make a fortune from betting on horse racing while everybody else struggles to make a small profit? It’s the age-old horse racing conundrum. We’ve all heard the stories of bettors and teams that make millions from betting on horses. What do they have that you don’t. You may be thinking they have advanced teams…

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  • 13 November

    Building Your Own 24/7 Betting Bot (Using A Raspberry Pi – Episode #1)

    Running a betting bot can be a nightmare. Most software only runs on Windows, so if you’re a Mac user it’s game over, and even if you use Windows, the second your computer goes to sleep it stops working! Using a remote desktop or VPS is expensive, and they’re sluggish and slow. So… I’m investigating whether you can build our…

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  • Oct- 2020 -
    27 October

    Inside the Rails – Here Comes The Jumps

    I am writing this at a time when, any other year, I would be stood on the steps at Cheltenham watching the first meeting of the new jumps season. It is great to see the jumps season back as, if I am honest, I prefer the jumps to flat racing! Ok so it would be even better if I could…

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  • 6 October
    Horse Racing Ratings 360 Degrees

    Horse Racing: Using The 360 Degree Picture To Win

    Today I’m going to look at what to do when horse racing ratings have different opinions on the same horse. If you’ve ever come up against the difficult position when one horse racing rating is telling you one thing and another is telling you something else, then you’ll know how confusing it can be. Do you follow what the first…

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  • 1 October

    Inside the Rails – No Return of Spectators Could Have Massive Impact

    Obviously, with spiralling numbers of positive Covid tests across the country, the news that spectators will not be allowed to return to sports venues in the short term, and possibly for six months, came as no surprise. It is however a hammer blow for so many sports venues and clubs who rely on gate receipts for a huge part of…

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  • Sep- 2020 -
    24 September

    HORSE RACING ODDS LINES: The Mind Frazzling Calculations Simplified With PR Odds

    Horse racing begins and ends with odds lines. Why is it? And how can we use that to our advantage? I’m going to answer both these questions in this article. Why are we so obsessed with odds? There’s only one reason… it tells us how much we’re going to profit if our horse wins the race. That’s what a lot…

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  • Aug- 2020 -
    31 August

    Inside the Rails – Summer Jumps as We Wait the Return of Spectators

    As good a job that racing is doing to keep “the show on the road”, the current situation is definitely starting to take its toll. This week, news was released that Arena Racing, who control a large number of UK racecourses, have written to their staff to advise of significant restructuring and probable redundancies at all levels across their business.…

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  • 24 August

    Horse Racing Bankrolls – The 1 Biggest Mistake

    Bankrolls in horse racing are often talked about, and commonly miss-understood. There’s one mistake that is made time and again, and I’m going to share what it is with you in a minute. But first… WHAT IS A HORSE RACING BANKROLL? A horse racing bankroll is a set amount of money that you put aside to place your bets with.…

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  • 22 August

    EBOR HANDICAP: Analysing A Horse Race At York For The Winner

    Today’s the day of the 2020 Ebor Handicap horse race at York racecourse. The race is named after the Roman name for York, Eboracum. It was first raced in 1843, and started at a distance of two miles, but was later reduced down to the one mile five furlongs it’s run over today. In 2019 the prize money was increased…

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  • 14 August

    Shortlisting Horse Racing Selections With Strong Connections

    Are you the type of person that likes to look at a horse’s connections to decide if you want to choose it as a horse racing selection? By connections I mean trainers and jockeys. If you are, then you’re not alone. There are millions of people who also use connections every day to determine whether a horse has a good…

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  • 3 August

    (GRL10) HORSE RACING RATINGS: Back And Lay To A +538 Unit Profit

    Horse racing ratings are an integral part of finding a profit from betting on the horses. With more ratings for every horse than any other provider in the UK, we began a public analysis of each one in 2020, and are adding to them regularly. You can see all the ratings in the series here. Some will perform well and…

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