Can Formula 1 be profitable?

Motor racing actually presents a multitude of different betting possibilities. Enthusiasts in the United Kingdom will be more familiar with the world of Formula One and increased public interest in the sport owes much to the recent successes of British drivers Jenson Button, the reigning Formula One World Champion, and Lewis Hamilton, who secured the title in 2008. In terms of gambling opportunities, an initial glance at motor racing may suggest a certain number of limitations but this is certainly not the case. Indeed, a glance across the pond will show just how popular motor racing betting can be. American football and baseball aside, NASCAR racing is one of the most active betting arenas in the world. The genre of motor racing extends to a number of other disciplines including touring cars and rallying as well as series of two-wheeled events such as superbike racing and speedway.

Despite the number of betting choices available, it is still Formula One that manages to capture the imagination of most motor racing fans. As one of the most popular spectator sports in the world, Formula One is an amazingly competitive discipline that centres on the success of various constructors as well as the individuals that drive their vehicles. This increases the range of betting opportunities for the serious or casual punter and wagers can be placed on qualifying sessions as well as the race itself. There are a number of factors that sports betting enthusiasts can take into account in a bid to increase profits from the sport.

A Formula One race generally starts with 26 drivers but only a small handful of these will have a realistic chance of winning. There are a number of reasons for this but the two most significant factors are driver ability and constructor performance. A brief look at the recent history of Formula One will highlight drivers such as Button, Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher. Indeed, the latter two drivers monopolised the Drivers Championship from 2000 to 2007. In turn, the last fifteen years have seen just four different teams winning the Constructors Championship. Performance patterns also highlight the successes of drivers on tracks within their home countries while some constructors tend to succeed on certain circuits as well. McLaren, in particular, have an exceptional record at Monaco.

One of the greatest Aspects of Formula One is the amount of statistical data that arises from practice sessions, qualifying events and the races themselves. Students of form and those with an eye for detail will find this information invaluable in calculating the best possible bets. Previous results and trends are unmistakably useful but lap times, sector times and testing reports will also provide a strong indication of potential performance for a forthcoming event.  Furthermore, the media circus that surrounds the sport of Formula One leads to a series of frank and revealing interviews with team managers and the drivers themselves. This can often pertain to vital information that will provide a clear indication of any likely outcome when an event finally starts.

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